Cà Chua Bi

Charlotte, NC, USA

Work Experience

Branding Designer

After studying for two years, I realize I’m so interested in logo designs and I try hard everyday to improve my skills. The first project brings money to me is a logo for an Austrian travel company via an online platform 99designs. It makes me more excited about my works. I always upload my logo design processes and branding projects to my online portfolio on Behance. Sometimes, I create some logos but not for any company, I just imagined and made them to satisfy my passion.
January 2011 - Vietnam

Graphic Designer

After studying for a year, I started working as a freelance designer and gained experience by self-learning from videos on Youtube. I always look for faster and more effective solutions than what I learned at school.
January 2010 - Vietnam


Arena Multimedia Center

At the beginning, I didn’t really like designing, but after a while
learning how to use the software Adobe Illustrator, I felt that it was
really an integral part of my life and I can spend all day just for it.
January 2009 - Vietnam


Adobe Illustrator,