Implementing erotic fantasies, diversifying your sex life - there are many more that could lead to women's side in the unfamiliar embrace. Most importantly, this story should win the end. For this savory adventure not to become a nightmare for the rest of your life, I should know that men and women are poised in the face of their “overnight”. Many men remain satisfied with the intrigue and are happy to tell everyone about it. Women, on the contrary, are clearly being exploited. To relieve this unpleasant feeling of certain "overnight" rules.
Rule no. 1.
True "sampling" Don’t play with fire - protect your health, nerves, and money, and don’t be afraid to look bored if you have questions about precautions. Even if you’ve realized that a visually impaired chief can distinguish between a healthy and a healthy one, consider whether you need things like gonorrhea or hard-to-detect ureaplasma. The stronger sex is often very "resourceful" in trying to warn a woman why they simply can't use a condom, such as: “I don’t feel anything!”

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Of course, sex with and without a condom has bumps, but the pleasure is obviously everyone. Get me down! "In that case, it is better to stand out with such a man. You don’t have to because of his sexual problems. "I can't have kids." That is not an excuse. First, you don’t know if he’s telling the truth. And to find out, he would have to present or prove the documents. Second, if he really can’t have children, you run the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Of which there are many and often different difficult to identify. The short but very useful phrase "Either yes - or no way" means in unpleasant situations.
Rule no. 4.
No feelings If you’re looking for an overnight adventure, the feeling isn’t the place to be. Save the words of love, gentle hugs, and sex-pose "Spoons" for your loved one. Before you speak, you run the risk of scaring the man you promise to share the bed with. Don't be surprised if, after such "tenderness", he stays away from you and suddenly remembers a lot of urgent work.
Rule no. 5.
No confessions Many women are often tempted to cry on the shoulder of a stranger - to complain about a bad life, the betrayal of the former, problems at work, and so on. However, such problems are best entrusted to a psychoanalyst. Otherwise, the "passenger effect" will ruin the script of a beautiful, albeit short, erotic film. Don’t ask your partner about his or her personal life, as the saying goes: a lot of knowledge will quickly become obsolete. You do not need this information at all.



Rule no. 6.
Play by the rules Do you not want the beautiful moments of the night to fade away? Keep the following tips in mind: Don't stay until morning, you can sleep at home. If you like, think you're an ashtray who has to come back by midnight, or the heroine of the song "You left early in the morning, right after six" - it doesn't matter if it's time to get home on time. Don’t forget your keys, contact lenses, cell phone, piercings, or contract when you weren’t tempted to come back to pick them up. Don't give out your phone number! If you think this "relationship" of yours has a future, leave your email address. Do not give him high hopes for his promises, such as, "I will call," "I will write to you," or "We will meet soon."
Rule no. 7.
By no means fall in love This is the shortest and most complex rule. A man who falls asleep after a passionate night looks so innocent at first glance, so helpless ... No matter how hard it is, he will have to "turn on" the brain and separate the hormonal storm from the feelings. Also, if you complied with rule no. 6, it will be a little easier and simpler.


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It’s no secret that most couples who want to diversify their sex lives watch pornographic movies from time to time. This is perfectly normal if both partners use it sparingly. However, there are times when one of the partners becomes addicted to pornography and forgets about the pleasures of real sex. To prevent this from happening, sexologists suggest paying attention to the most dangerous signs of porn addiction. 1. Your partner communicates less than before He is constantly looking for excuses just to do nothing. Somewhere he disappears without explaining anything, loses his sense of time. He has no interest in communicating with you or anyone else, including himself. 2. Your partner is no longer interested in sex or becomes sexually insensitive The only initiator of sex is you. Your partner is unable to get excited, for example, he has an erection and he cannot have an orgasm. Also, your partner needs more and more stimulation to get excited or have an orgasm. Because he feels a greater need for unconventional sex games. 3. During sex, your partner becomes more demanding or even rude During sex, you feel that your partner is inhibiting you or forcing you to do something that is causing you physical or emotional pain. Your partner uses unconventional sexual language. Plus, you feel like he’s imagining another person instead of you. 4. Your partner is no longer interested in you During sex, your lover thinks of something else, so you feel unnecessary and unwanted. Intimacy in your relationship disappears not only in bed but also in life. 5. Your partner starts clinging to your appearance Your other half starts to take too much care of your appearance. Your partner starts to express sarcastic remarks related to your weight or body lines, as well as tactlessly drinking comments on the topic of sex.

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It makes you feel not a person, but only an object of sex. 6. When talking to you, your partner avoids open answers You feel like your partner is lying to you. When you talk to him, he answers your questions vaguely, sometimes even absurdly. And if you ask someone about porn, he starts justifying or attacking himself. Also, secret email addresses, your own credit, and a new, unknown phone number suddenly appear on your other side. 7. Your partner practically "lives" online He spends too much time at the computer. They are often alone and often change their daily routine. As a result, he has problems with vision, begins to hurt his back, shoulders, neck. 8. You realize that your partner has changed radically Your partner is kind of not his own: he can’t calm down, he sleeps poorly. His character and interests have changed. You may find that his psyche is impaired. By feeling a "sexual pervert", such a person can become aggressive just to hide the addiction to pornography. It is important to note that all the signs of dependency listed here mean nothing individually. Many people have sexual arousal problems. However, if you notice that your partner has the full set of these signs listed, sooner or later the pornography addiction will surface. However, if you want to preserve your relationship and avoid emotional sacrifices, it is better to contact professionals immediately. Such couples, where one of the partners "became ill" with pornography, need special support and an objective opinion of the disinterested party.