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Benjamin Soehnel

I am born in Munich in 1980, Germany. I am Bachelor of Cognitive Science and am becoming Master in Advanced Management. Art was always my passion. When I was young I used to paint black structurals on white varnished wood. Then I discovered Video Feedback Art for myself. A video camera is pointed at its own monitor, so that the monitor virtually shows itself. This loop causes abstract patterns in motion, which can be enhanced by mirrowing, inversion and additional interferents. In 1997 I first started with Digital Surface Art, which I am the originator of. Its a long time ago, to be sure, and I have learned a lot since, but I am still learning. That said, my style is still in development on search for a perfect Surface.
Paris, France
Oct 2009
Osnabrück, Germany
Oct 2002Jun 2008
University Osnabrueck
Subject: Cognitive Science - Brain Sciences.
Neu, Germany
Sep 2009Oct 2011
Subject: Advanced Management
English (Fluent), German (Fluent)
Representation/ Exhibitions
Representing Gallery:

2010/11 Art Kvartal - Moscow, Russia
2010/09 Diversity of Digital Arts - Kunstlege Hohenegg, Germany.

2009 SensAktions - Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce Italy.

2009 Exhibit - Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles USA.

2005 Exhibition of the year - Royal stables of the county administrator, Freising

2001 Video Feedback Art - Galban Room, Freising Germany.

2000 Abstract Worlds - Aside, Freising Germany.