Borys Rybenkov

UX/UI designer, Grafic Designer, Art Director

Kyiv, Ukraine
I'm engaged in 2D computer graphics since 1994. From 1995 to 2011 worked in three advertising agencies in St. Petersburg, Russia. In August 2011, returned to Kyiv, where worked as a deputy director, then a director of a consulting firm. In 2016, I founded a children's publishing house and worked there as an art director.

Work Experience

Center For Scientific Engineering At The St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute

Head of the publishing department.

June 1994 - April 1995 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Advertising Agency 'Inipress'

Computer specialist

April 1995 - June 1997 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Advertising Agency 'Rimake'

Graphic Designer. Head of Design Department.

July 1997 - November 2007 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Advertising Agency 'Everest'

Art Director

December 2007 - August 2011 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

'DICS Consulting' Ltd

Deputy Director, Director

August 2011 - January 2018 Kyiv, Ukraine

'Vcheny Kit' Publishing House

SEO, Art Director

May 2016 - Present Kyiv, Ukraine


Kyiv State University


September 1986 - June 1991 Kyiv, Ukraine


Russian (Native),
Ukrainian (Fluent),
English (Advanced),


Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Advertising Design, Android Studio, Axure, Book Design, Book Layout, Corel Draw, CSS, Font Design, Fontlab, Graphic Design, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Photo Processing, Pre-press, Raster Graphics, Retouch, Typography, UX/UI Design, Vector Graphics,

What i did

● Web-programming, Web-layout, SEO, Programming:

five active sites, and from dozens of previous versions to them—the project, UX / UI, graphic elements, programming, copywriting.

● Java:

four existing Android applications, including one game.

● Branding:

design of corporate styles, logos, brandbooks.

● Polygraphy:

Layouts of advertisements for newspapers and magazines of a wide variety of paper quality, color, sizes from 3 × 4 cm to A2.

Advertising printing of all kinds: business cards, leaflets, flyers, stickers, magnets, booklets, brochures, folders, labels on bottles, packaging design, calendars and calendars, etc.

Mock-ups for souvenir production: for silk-screen printing, convex, stamping, medals, badges, etc.

● Outdoor advertising:

Models for wide-format printing from A1 to 6 × 6 m.

Layouts for outdoor advertising - volumetric elements, PVC-applications, including a plotter cutting.

● Exhibitions:

stands for commercial exhibitions.


Development and realization of the visual concept of the exhibition of the Petersburg State University of Communications 'PGUPS—300 years' — three halls at the Petropavlovsk Fortress, 2009.

Development of the visual concept of the PGUPS Museum and layouts for the restoration of the three halls of the main building.

● Books

Designing and layout of a series of text books.

Layout, preparation for the publication of children's books with full-length illustrations.


● UX / UI

Designing the structure of sites and applications.
Prototyping of sites and applications.
Design and redesign of sites and applications.
Graphic elements: illustrations, icons, photos, and more.

● Programming, Web-programming, Web-layout, SEO

Java used to develop Android applications.
HTML, CSS, Java script (JQ), DB.
Once upon a time: C, C ++, VBA; a long time ago: PL2, Fortran, Aassembler.

● Bitmap graphics:

Photo, color correction, retouch
Photo of the pre-digital age: shooting slides with subsequent scanning, color correction, retouching for use in printing.
Digital Photography: Scenes for advertising and catalogs, natural and portrait photography.
Color correction and retouching in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop.
Preparation of images: background cropping, collages, cross-linking, and so on.
Preparing for printing

● Vector graphics

Work with curves: all kinds, manual tracing, preparation for a plotter cutting, optimization of curves, glyphs for fonts, and so on.
Fonts: glyphs, transcoding, cyrillation, adding missing characters, etc. I'll take care of the theory and history of fonts

● Polygraphy:

Theory: color spaces, aspects of color separation, composition, fonts, etc.
Preparation for printing: color separation, preparation for offset printing, digital printing, etc.
Post-printing processes: preparation of models for varnishing, cutting, etc.

Typography, editing:

Setting rules: typographical rules for using punctuation symbols (dashes, quotes, etc.) and spaces; use alternate symbol options (ligatures, numeric variants, etc.).
Layout: placing text on a page (hanging lines, remote punctuation, etc.); kerning, tracking, leading, and so on.
Typographical rules of the Ukrainian and Russian languages, for example, the rule of increasing the case ending in ordinal numerals, the rules of abbreviations, etc.
Design of the book: a set mirror, elements of the publication, sanitary requirements for the layout of the publication, etc.


- presentations and coordination of projects and design with clients;
- negotiations with heads of enterprises of various levels, including state;
- management of the department and the enterprise.