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Bruno Henris, 27 years old, I worked as a graphic designer for seven years; Where I went through advertising agencies, visual communication, graphics and publishing. Having experience from areas of web design, creation and final art. My specialty is building brands and visual identities for companies.
  • Designer
    Seven Estudio De Design — Brazil
  • Designer of prints
    Ilustra Camiseteria — Brazil
  • Web Designer
    Brainstorm Web — Campo Grande, Brazil
  • Graphic Designer
    Impacto Comunicação Visual — Dourados, Brazil
  • Web Designer
    Spertus Agência Web — Campo Grande, Brazil
  • Graphic Designer
    Express Digital — Dourados, Brazil
  • Graphic Designer
    Zooppa — DC, USA
  • Computer Trainee
    Microlins — Dourados, Brazil
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