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Usually thinking about illustration, music, art, and dinner.
  • Freelance Team Member
    American Greetings — Brooklyn, OH, USA
  • Student Designer/Intern
    Glyphix — Kent, OH, USA
  • Student Graphic Designer
    Signum Design — Kent, OH, USA
  • Student Web Designer/Developer
    Educational Technology And Distance Learning (ETDL) — Kent, OH, USA
  • Artist
    The Pink Eye Book Of Collage — Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Artist
    Modern Art Playable On Monaural Equipment — Akron, OH, USA
  • Artist
    Cleveland Public Art Bike Station CFE — Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Artist
    Election Obsession CFE — Kent, OH, USA
  • Artist
    Kasterlee International Book Collaboration — Kasterlee, Belgium
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I'm sorry if there are any typos in the project descriptions. Unfortunately it takes an unreasonably long time to fix a typo as you have to wait for all the images in a project to load before you can edit type. Sory.
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