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Unlock Your Creative Career with Behance

Unlock Your Creative Career with Behance
Published October 26, 2021 by the Behance Team

In the past year, over 160 million people have visited Behance in search of inspiration and viewed work on Behance over 2.25 billion times. At this year’s Adobe MAX, we couldn’t be more excited to share new and improved Behance features designed to help you build your creative career. We’re opening creator subscriptions to all paid Creative Cloud members of Behance, introducing ways for creatives to get hired directly from their profile page, supporting source files and NFT displays, and improving ways of finding inspiration.

Creator subscriptions 

Earlier this year we launched subscriptions, a way to directly support artists on Behance through monthly memberships to their premium content like livestreams, source files, and more.

1. Subscriptions

View Maddy Bellwoar’s profile on Behance

Today we’re opening our beta to active Behance users who have a paid Creative Cloud membership, so you can start monetizing your creative work. Creators set their own prices and have full control over what they share. Subscriptions are seamlessly integrated with your existing Behance projects and livestreams so you can mark any current content to be for subscribers only, or add new content as you go.

Creators with a paid Creative Cloud plan don’t pay any Behance platform fees (a savings of 20%) — payment processing fees still apply.

Finding New Opportunities 

Each month, thousands of creatives are discovered on Behance for new job opportunities. You can now indicate from your Behance profile if you are open for new work, either for a full-time position or a freelance project. You can set your minimum budget and availability, and recruiters/clients can reach out to you directly from your profile page.

2. Hireme

See Sith Zam’s profile on Behance

Learning From the Community 

An essential part of Behance’s mission from the beginning has been to help creatives build and expand their skill sets. With virtual learning more accessible than ever before through livestreaming, creatives have spent millions of minutes watching tutorials, workshops and challenges through Adobe Live programming and Behance member livestreams.

3. Livestreaming

Watch livestreams on Behance

Many of these livestreams are accompanied by downloadable source files to help viewers follow along with the process. As of today, everyone also has the ability to attach source files to any project you upload to Behance to help the community learn.

Displaying NFTs

We’re also introducing a new tab in your profile specifically for showcasing your NFT artwork. Simply connect your crypto wallet and theNFTs you have created will seamlessly be added to your Behance profile. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to display NFTs inside a Behance project to provide more context or a peek into your process. We are hard at work to include blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Tezos.

4. Nft 1

As with any new technology, there are some bad actors trying to take advantage of artists. We know that some artists in this new ecosystem have seen their work copied with no benefit or attribution. Through the Content Authenticity Initiative, we have developed an open-source standard that allows artists to attach their artwork provenance to their creations.

We are collaborating with a number of NFT marketplaces including OpenSeaSuperRareKnownOrigin, and Rarible to make this provenance visible to help protect creators and collectors alike. That same artwork provenance will also be displayed on Behance. As always, we are incredibly focused on making sure you get credit for your work.

5. Nft 2

Improved Explore and Search 

Behance now supports embedded prototypes from Adobe XD, Figma, and more, and we’ve added a Prototype tab for a more curated browsing experience. With the latest update to Adobe XD, you can now share files directly from the app to Behance with one click.

6. Prototype Search

We’ve also introduced additional filters for fine-tuning your image search, like specifying the camera and lens model, focal length, shutter speed, and more.

7. Camera

With the help of Adobe Sensei, you can find similar images using the “more like this” functionality, and build moodboards faster and more effectively by reviewing Sensei’s suggested images.

8. Similar

What's Next 

We come to work everyday with a singular focus: how do we help you build your creative career and get you the credit you deserve? We’re excited about these updates, but are even more excited about the product roadmap ahead of us. We can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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