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Top Three Visual Trends of 2019

Top Three Visual Trends of 2019
Published December 20, 2019 by the Behance Team

At the end of every year, we love to pause and reflect on what the vibrant Behance community has accomplished. In 2019, you pushed creative boundaries, took risks, and evolved your style with every new project you’ve taken on. We’ve taken a look at some of the most appreciated projects on Behance and noticed three distinct visual trends across your favorite projects. 

HeaderSee the full moodboard of top 2019 projects on Behance.

Trend #1: Retro Future

This year, retrofuturism was a visual trend that popped up time and again in some of the most-viewed projects on Behance, from ’30s-style vintage animation to ’80s neon and old-school graphic ad styles. These vintage inspired projects are not merely derivatives of past design trends, but an evolution of familiar and timeless motifs into fresh new mediums like digital illustration or photo compositing.


From left to right: work by Jesus LabarcaViolane & JeremyGustavo Pergwang 2mu

Trend #2: Glossy & Chromatic

Glossy textures and chromatic gradients were all the rage in 2019, reflecting an increase in 3D and computer-generated art. This sleek new style plays with how light refracts and disperses across both real and generated objects, and works especially well when paired with motion graphics and bright animations.

Glossy Chromatic

Fom left to right: work by Crea Studio / Bruno Canales, Tendril / Zelig Sound, denfo

Trend #3: Peachy Pink

Peachy pink was one of the most popular colors on Behance this year across nearly every creative field. These warm and optimistic colors may well be a reflection of Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year “Living Coral,” or perhaps a cheery take on the famed “Millennial Pink” that has trended for the past decade.


From left to right: work by Leo NatsumeMai Creative / Yes OpenJorsh Peña

Explore the full moodboard of top 2019 projects on Behance. We’re excited to see what new trends and styles you create in 2020!

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