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Top Photography Projects of 2022

Top Photography Projects of 2022
Published December 13, 2022 by the Behance Team

Behance is home to the best photographers, photojournalists, stylists, set designers, and retouchers. Year after year, we are impressed with the quality of work that our community shares with our platform. 

From fashion and editorial photography to landscapes and aerials to commercial photography and beyond, here are some of the best photography projects from Behance. 


Double exposure fashion shoot by Alex Korzov


See more fashion photography projects on Behance


Conceptual photography by Aaron Tilley


See more conceptual photography projects on Behance


Kyoto at night by Xavier Portela


See more long exposure photography projects on Behance


Travel photography by Paolo Pettigiani 


See more infrared photography projects on Behance


Abstract portraits by Arthur Keef


See more beauty photography projects on Behance


Powder pressed food photography by Kai Stiepel and Kelly Kellerhoff


See more food photography projects on Behance


Drone images of vast farmlands by Mitchell Rouse


See more aerial photography projects on Behance 


Soft portrait photography by Polina Washington 


See more portrait photography projects on Behance


Monochrome landscape photography by Bernd Walz


See more black and white photography projects on Behance

Want to see the best photography projects? 

Browse our curated Photography Gallery for the latest trends and projects in landscape photography, fashion photography, commercial photography, food photography, and photo editing. 

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You can also browse projects created with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and more. 

Web 1920 – 1

Looking for more photography projects? 

Search for photography projects on Behance, or see more top photography projects from this year’s Top Photography Projects of 2022 moodboard.

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