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Top Photography Projects on Behance

Top Photography Projects on Behance
Published December 1, 2021 by the Behance Team

Photography allows us to capture moments in time and turn them into ever-lasting memories. Today, with the accessibility of digital cameras and editing software, top creative photographers around the world are creating inspirational images across all genres. 

Here’s a look at some of the best photography projects that were shared to Behance this year, from avant-garde fashions to breathtaking landscapes, imaginative photo manipulations, and mouth-watering food photography. 

Pop by Laura Zalenga


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Mexican Feast food photography by Paloma Rincon


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Architectural photographs of the Vatican by Ashy 


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My Name is Red by TGIMAGE STUDIO


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Landscapes of China photographed by Tobias Hagg


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Beach Playground by Niko Photographisme


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Rainy night time street photography by Omi Kim


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Mystical trees photographed by Neil Burnell


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Under the sheets by Iryna Nalyvaiko


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Photographs from Dhaka by Ashraful Arefin


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Want to see the best photography projects? 

Browse our curated Photography Galleries for the latest trends and projects in landscape photography, fashion photography, commercial photography, food photography, and photo editing. 

Web 1920 €“ 11

You can also browse graphic design projects created with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and more. 

Web 1920 €“ 10

Looking for more photography projects? 

Search for photography projects on Behance, or see more top photography projects from this year’s Best Photography Projects moodboard

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