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A Handy Template for Planning Your Creative Resolutions for 2020

A Handy Template for Planning Your Creative Resolutions for 2020
Published January 10, 2020 by The 99U Team

We closed 2019 with a look at December work rituals from creatives and want to open 2020 looking forward. Instead of being prescriptive, we have something more open-ended and actionable. With inspiration from Reggie Black and Christina Amini and Paper Chase Press’ Writing for Artists notebook, we offer up this worksheet for you to plot out your creative resolutions for the year ahead. Perhaps you work solo and don’t have a team to plan with, you don’t feel creatively engaged by your team’s 2020 planning, or maybe you’re looking for a tool to engage and inspire your team for the year ahead now that everyone’s back from holiday break. 

Follow these prompts to sketch or write out answers in your notebook, or click the link at the bottom for the downloadable PDF if you’d rather fill it out digitally and save your answers for next year. We’d love to see what you come up with if you’re open to sharing your words and images, so please tag us @99U if you post your creative resolutions on your social channels. 


1. This year, my creative priorities are: 

2. In the new year, I am most looking forward to:

3. In 2020, this is how I will make time for rest and reflection:

4. I choose to leave this behind in 2019:

5. I will make creativity part of my day by setting up these routines for myself. 

6. This is one idea/project that has been haunting me and won’t let go:

7. I will make it happen this year by: 

8. My best skills are: 

9. I will do more of this in order to foster them:

10. My biggest creative inspiration is this person/place/thing: 

11. And this is why:

12. I would love to collaborate/work with:

13. My one-word theme for the year ahead is:


Download your Creative Resolutions Worksheet

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