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Featured Moodboard: It’sa me, Mario

Featured Moodboard: It’sa me, Mario
Published April 5, 2023 by the Behance Team

Super Mario comes to the silver screen on April 5. The movie stars Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario and Charlie Day as his brother Luigi, alongside Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad. 

In anticipation of the film’s release, we’ve curated a moodboard of projects inspired by the famous plumber and his gang of friends. 

Realistic portrait of Mario and by Nuño Benito

Nuño Benito


Inside the Nintendo by Demian Laudi

Demian Laudi


Super Mario lightbox by Paulo Soucheff and Paper Valley Studio



A Contemplative Plumber by Michael Myers

Contemplative Plumber


Super Marios lettering by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra


Infographic of Super Mario's family by Giulia De Amicis



Mario’s heartbreak by berk ozturk

Berk Ozturk


Super Mario Brothers in paper by Matthew Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins


Nostalgic 90’s childhood bedroom by Smash Khaled

95 Nostalgia


Mario brothers reinterpreted by Rafael Silveira

Rafael Silveira

Looking for more Super Mario projects?

Search for more Super Mario inspired projects on Behance or browse our curated moodboard featuring some of the best Super Mario projects on Behance. 

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