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Si Scott: The Bare-Bones Approach

Si Scott: The Bare-Bones Approach
Published November 6, 2007 by Heather Ann Snodgrass
Si Scott is a UK-based illustrator, choosing to divide his time between Manchester and London -- a decision which he fully admits he uses primarily as a source of inspiration. His intricate, entirely hand-drawn technique has seen his work commissioned by the likes of Nike Europe, UNICEF, Casio and the BBC as both an illustrator and art director. Behance sat down with Si to discuss the challenges facing new graduates, his bare-bones approach to design and finding a balance between maintaining high standards.
Si found the greatest frustration as he was graduating college and actually determining what route he wanted to take. "I left school at 16 and went straight to art college to do a btec in design and then a foundation course, which after completing, I did a degree in design. After graduating I did the usual round of placements and worked for a couple of small design agencies, learning about the industry and how to use a computer. Whilst employed I kept working on my own ideas and developing them and trying to get my foot in the door at different agencies and get my work in there." A positive mindset aided him in less-than-fortunate situations. "I got made redundant twice in as many years and I think in a way this was good for me, because it pushed me more...I just try and keep focused and pull positives out of every job -- if it doesn’t go ahead, [I] keep it on the back burner until a project comes up that [I] can use the idea for."
Computers are great as a tool but I do believe that a lot of people rely on them far too much.
His unique style requires little to no technology, a process he is not only happy with, but a fact that is sometimes unbelievable to others. "I like to be very hands on with my work and only use the computer to piece it together. I still get a lot of emails off people asking me what programmes I use to produce the work!  I think I could actually get by without one -- having to send original drawings by post or courier and things like that. Computers are great as a tool but I do believe that a lot of people rely on them far too much and let them dictate how a piece is ultimately going to look."Confidence and a can-do attitude is ultimately what pushes Si through his work and keeps him organized, both mentally and professionally. "I just seem to work all the time -- I don’t think [I have] any big secret to being organized, it’s just a matter of getting on with it, I guess. I’ve always been quite good and very motivated to do the best work possible. I’m always striving to better myself. One day I would like to be content with myself and look back and think 'yeah, I did alright in the end.'  Hopefully this will happen, as I never feel quite content." The best advice he can offer to anyone yearning for success and satisfaction is one from Anthony Burrill: 'Work hard and be nice to people,'  a statement we couldn't agree with more.

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