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peter&wendy: Simplicity Is Key

peter&wendy: Simplicity Is Key
Published November 15, 2007 by Heather Ann Snodgrass
peter&wendy is a Paris-based graphic design studio founded by Xavier Encinas and Cécilia Michaud. The small studio prides itself on close relationships with both client and assignment, and cover a variety of graphic projects in print, publishing, corporate, exhibition and event identity. Creative Director and founder, Xavier Encinas took some time out to talk to Behance about his creative motivations, client interaction and Swiss influences.
ncinas tends to work in the mindset opposite to innovative -- but it doesn't translate as such in the end result. "Well, first I don't think I have "unique things" that help me to create my most successful ideas. I assume I have a common way of thinking about design. When a new project comes to us, the first step, of course, is to understand the brief but then try to conceptualize the project as a whole. I take time to try all of the ideas I have and experiment with different ways of executing them, before I put them on paper. Sometime my first idea is the good one, sometimes it is not... our design is very grid-oriented so the grid helps to organize all of the elements of the design, in a way that is easy to understand." He also evaluates each idea carefully and objectively, in order to find the best fit. "Conceptualizing my ideas gives me the opportunity to throw away the bad ones and keep the ones I think are valuable. But even though some ideas look interesting, I always need to work through them to be certain I have set up everything in the best way. It's also very important for me that my clients are happy with the final product, so I try to get them involved in the creative process."
Our mission, like many other graphic design professionals, is to create visual material that can be understood by everyone. Simple. Clean. Fresh.
Local talent and artisans source much of Encinas' creative inspiration. "I must say when I was younger Michael C. Place was my main inspiration; now less, but he's still a graphic design hero for me. I've worked a lot on grids and with typography, studying the work of Josef-Müller Brockman, Wim Crouwel, Max Bill -- Swiss graphic design is my main area of inspiration." Starting out with a blank canvas is key to his creative process. "If there is something I'm learning over the years it is this: Take your time while setting up your ideas and take time to distance yourself from what you have done. For me it's also very important to be aware of the entire external environment before, during and after the project. Everything in life is important, no matter what it is." And, above all, simplicity reigns supreme in all they do. "Our mission, like many other graphic design professionals, is to create visual material that can be understood by everyone. Simple. Clean. Fresh. Cecilia and I want to create crafted graphic design, for open-minded people."

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