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How to Personalize Your Behance Feed

How to Personalize Your Behance Feed
Published August 2, 2023 by the Behance Team

Behance is the best place to find creative inspiration from leading artists and designers around the world. You can customize your For You feed to see creative projects that relevant to your interests by following topics, galleries, creatives, and moodboards.

Here are 5 ways to customize your feed to get the most out of your Behance browsing experience.

1. Follow topics

With our new personalized feed controls, you can now search for and follow any topic to customize your For You feed. To curate your feed, click the Personalize Your Feed button on the top right. You'll get additional recommended topics based on the ones you follow. To manage the topics you’re following, click the Following tab. 

You can also add topics while searching for projects. From Behance search, type in any  keyword and click the + icon to populate your feed with relevant projects. 

2. Follow curated galleries

Follow galleries to get projects hand picked by the Behance team added to your feed. Our curation team reviews all the projects that are shared to Behance and curates over 120 galleries dedicated to popular and niche creative fields.

Follow – 2

In addition to popular creative fields like graphic design, photography, 3D art, illustration, we also have dedicated galleries for creative tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance 3D Painter, and more. 

Follow – 1

Browse galleries on Behance

3. Appreciate projects 

When you see a project you like, appreciate it! This will teach our algorithm about your likes and interests, so you’ll start to see similar projects in your feed. 

If you see something that’s not in line with your expectations in your For You feed, hover over the project cover image and click “Show me fewer projects like this.” 

4. Follow your favorite creatives

Follow creatives you admire on Behance to see their latest updates in your For You feed. You’ll also see projects that they appreciate as a recommendation in your feed so you can expand your creative horizons. 

While browsing a project, click the + icon over the creative’s profile icon in the top right to follow them. If you hover over their profile icon, you’ll see a preview of their other projects so you can get a quick overview of their style and scope. Click the Following tab in your For You feed see the new work posted by creatives you follow. 


5. Follow moodboards 

Moodboards are a great way to see projects around a specific theme or aesthetic. By following a moodboard, you can see new projects that are added directly in your For You feed. 

Follow Moodboard

Browse moodboards on Behance

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