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Make Monthly Income with Your Behance Content Through Subscriptions

Make Monthly Income with Your Behance Content Through Subscriptions
Published May 16, 2022 by the Behance Team

We are continually inspired by the incredible, boundary-pushing work that the Behance community creates. Thousands have been discovered for their talent through our platform and we are committed to building more features to help creatives further their careers.

Last year, we introduced subscriptions, a new way for the creative community to support and learn from one another. Subscribers can support their favorite artists financially and get access to premium content, and by offering subscriptions on Behance, you can monetize your work and connect with a global community of supporters.


Subscribe to Ludwig Favre and get access to his Lightroom presets

As a creator, you can choose any amount between $1-$100 to charge your subscribers every month, and if you have an active paid Creative Cloud membership, Behance collects no platform fees. That means 100% of your subscription revenue goes directly to you (aside from payment processing fees from Stripe).

Subscriptions are seamlessly integrated with your existing Behance projects and livestreams, so you can mark any existing content to be for subscribers only, or create new content as you go.


Subscribe to Tomasz Bolek and get access to his 3D models

“It’s a great way for artists and creators to supplement their income and it can be a big help,” says Maddy Bellwoar. Maddy is offering Photoshop brushes and demo videos to her subscribers.

Maddy’s advice is to offer resources that may be valuable to other creatives: “I Try to focus on giving subscribers things that are like tools rather than just like my artwork — something that they can use in their own artwork, like Photoshop brushes or reference pictures so they can paint from.”


Subscribe to Maddy Bellwoar and get access to her Photoshop brushes

“I love creating digital products and like Photoshop brushes,” says Jessica Johnson of Creators Couture. “It’s so much more fun than I could ever imagine.” Even though she enjoys creating resources for other creatives, she admits that it’s a competitive market that can get oversaturated.

Her solution was to add a deeper personal touch and offer something beyond just a sale. “I started to pivot into tutorials and teaching and fostering a community,” she explains. “You can give everybody all the coolest tools in the world, but if you don’t teach them what to do with them, then they’re not so valuable.”

Over the years, Jessica has successfully cultivated a community of supporters, and when she started offering subscriptions on Behance, they followed her to the new platform. She’s taken advantage of our livestreaming feature to host these tutorials, and in turn, increased her subscriber count. Jessica’s goal is to migrate her remaining supporters from other platforms to Behance.


Subscribe to Jessica Johnson and get access to her brushes, tutorials, and more

See what other types of premium content creatives are offering through subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2022 05 10 at 2.25.45 Pm

Subscribe to Shiraz & Daryan and get access to their Lightroom presets and royalty-free images


Subscribe to Andre Caputo and get access to his 3D textures and tutorials


Subscribe to Raye Stewart AKA Pixipui and get access to her downloadable art 


Subscribe to Maddy Beard and get access to her UI kits and presentation templates

Interested in setting up your own subscriptions? Qualified Creative Cloud members can get started via the 'Subscription' tab on their Behance profile.

Don’t see this option but want to try it? Get in touch with us.

Find more information about subscriptions in our FAQ.

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