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Hire a Photo Retoucher for Your Next Photography Project.

Hire a Photo Retoucher for Your Next Photography Project.
Published June 5, 2023 by the Behance Team

Photo retouching can make the subtle difference between a good photograph and a great one. Find a freelance photo retoucher to bring an elevated touch to your food, beauty, product or architectural imagery on Behance.

Hire a Photo Retoucher on Behance

Browse through thousands of portfolios to find the perfect candidate for your freelance project. When you find a creative that is a good fit, send them an inquiry outlining the scope of the work, and if the creative is interested and available, they’ll send back an official proposal.

Here is a highlight of creatives from the Behance community who are offering freelance photo retouching services. 

Photo Retouchers on Behance


Olesia Kara

Olesia is a photo retoucher and editor based in Miami. She specializes in retouching food, beauty, and product photography. 



Szymon Gryko

Szymon specializes in high end beauty and fashion retouching. He takes a natural approach to photo editing to enhance the original image with subtle adjustments to color, contrast, composition, and texture. Szymon is based in Augustów, Poland.



Arnaud Marthouret

Arnaud is a Toronto-based photographer and videographer who specializes in retouching architectural imagery. In addition to photo editing services, he is also offering image licensing.



Gary Compton

Gary is a Sydney based commercial photographer who creates images for film and television, as well as advertising clients. He is available for both photo retouching services and for custom photoshoots.


Natasha Kuzmanovic

Natasha is a makeup artist, photographer, and beauty retoucher. Her retouching service includes in-depth corrections including hair shaping, grafting, light sharing, texture management, and more. Natasha is based in New York. 


See more photo retouchers available for hire on Behance.

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