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Hire Creative Talent for Your Next Freelance Project from Behance

Hire Creative Talent for Your Next Freelance Project from Behance
Published May 22, 2023 by the Behance Team

Behance is the best place to discover incredible, inspiring creative portfolios. Now it’s also the best place to hire top creatives from around the world for your next freelance project. 

With our new Freelance Proposals and Freelance Services features, you can connect, hire, and pay freelance artists directly on Behance.

Hire Freelance Artists from Behance

Browse our Hire page for creatives who are available for freelance (and full time) work. Filter by location, creative field, tools, or school to find the perfect candidate for your project. 

When you find the right candidate, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If the creative is interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal. 

Project Prososal

Some members are also offering creative services, outlining the specific types of work they’re available for and these will appear in the Services tab on a Behance profile. You’ll be able to see their budget, timeline, and number of revisions ahead of time to determine if they are a good fit for your project. 


Whether you’re looking for a freelance illustrator to bring your ideas to life or a UI/UX designer for your app launch, here are some talented Behance members who are currently available for freelance work. 

Freelance Designers for Hire on Behance


Jing Zhang

Jing is a London-based illustrator who finds inspiration in architecture, cities, food, and nature. Her list of global clients includes Apple, BMW, UNICEF, Nike, and more. 



Maria Shanina

Maria is a creative director and design strategist who is passionate about the intersection of design, health, and technology. Maria is based in Ottawa, Canada. 




Theodoru is a neo pop artist who works with a wide range of media including 3D, mixed media, and photography to create cheerful, colorful, and sometimes bizarre characters.Theodoru is based in Vienna, Austria. 



Antonio Calvino

Antonio is a graphic designer specializing in logo design, brand identity, and editorial design. He combines bold logos with embellished typefaces to create visually impactful designs. Antonio is based in Catania, Italy. 



Roman Lel

Roman is a freelance UI/UX designer and front and developer who is focused on designing beautiful interfaces and intuitive interactions. He is based in Valencia, Spain.



Lina SB

Lina is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Her portfolio features typography focused logos and unexpected color palettes that inspire delight. Lina is also open to full time opportunities. 



Maxim Usik

Helsinki-based illustrator and visual artist Maxim creates editorial art for publications, advertisements, and books. His clients include The Wall Street Journal, McDonald's Finland, REI, and more. 


Find New Design Jobs on Behance

Looking for new creative opportunities? Fill out the Hire Me section of your Behance profile to let visitors know that you’re available for freelance work. You can also list specific creative services to let visitors know the specific types of projects you’re available for. Set your own price, timeline, and revisions to get qualified inquiries, and get paid upfront for your work. 

Learn more about how to get paid on Behance here.

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