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Hire a 3D Artist for Your Next Freelance Project

Hire a 3D Artist for Your Next Freelance Project
Published June 15, 2023 by the Behance Team

3D art has revolutionized creativity. From hyper realistic replications of real world objects to otherworldly scenes, captivating architectural visualizations and mesmerizing motion graphics, 3D artists, modelers, and designers bring ideas to life. Hire the top 3D artist and studios for your next freelance project from Behance. 

Hire 3D Designers and Visualization Artists

Browse through thousands of portfolios to find the perfect candidate for your freelance project. When you find a creative that is a good fit, send them an inquiry outlining the scope of the work, and if the creative is interested and available, they’ll send back an official proposal. 

Here is a highlight of creatives from the Behance community who are offering freelance 3D design and visualization services.

3D Design Portfolios on Behance


Katt Phatt

Katt combines inspiration from Baroque, Rococo, and Steampunk styles to create dynamic 3D compositions full of mixed textures. In addition to custom 3D typography and illustration services, she is available for book cover design, social media design, and commercial renders. Katt is based in Johannesburg.



The Digital Bunch

The Digital Bunch is a 3D rendering and digital agency based in Warsaw, Poland. They are a team of experienced designers, animators, and programmers that specialize in delivering digital products for architecture and product marketing. 




Theodoru is a neo pop artist who works with a wide range of media including 3D, mixed media, and photography to create cheerful, colorful, and sometimes bizarre characters. Theodoru is based in Vienna, Austria. 



Reini Wust

Reini is a 3D artist and modeler based in Leipzig, Germany. His areas of focus are 3D visualizations of products and architecture and animations that highlight the quality of the designs. Reini is also available for full-time opportunities. 



Filip Lekawski

Filip is an architect and GFI artist who is passionate about conceptualizing beautiful and intuitive spaces. Through his consultations and rendering services, he helps clients transform their interior spaces into functional, comfortable, and visually appealing environments. Filip is based in Krakow, Poland. 



Ahmed Booda 

With his background in social media marketing, Giza- based 3D artist Ahmed creates eye-catching 3D images and animations in bold colors. Ahmed is also offering custom NFT art creation, animation, and is open to full-time opportunities. 


See more 3D artists available for hire on Behance.

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