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Hire the best graphic design, branding, and illustration studios from Behance.

Hire the best graphic design, branding, and illustration studios from Behance.
Published May 8, 2023 by the Behance Team

If you’re looking to hire a graphic design studio to help with your branding or upcoming product launch, Behance is the best place to find and hire graphic design studios. From our Hire page, you can browse available creatives, filter by creative field, location, tools, and more to find the perfect studio for your next freelance project. 

Hire Page

With our new Freelance Projects feature, you can connect and collaborate with freelance artists directly through Behance. Payments are made securely through Stripe, and with community reviews for both the clients and creatives, you can feel confident going into an agreement. 

Scroll down to see a highlight of some of the talent graphic design studios who are available for hire from Behance. 

Hire a Design Studio from Behance 


Studio Soleil

Studio Soleil is a creative bureau based in Athens, Greece. Their elegant designs delicately tread the line between the contemporary and the classic. 



Fago Studio

Fago is a boutique illustration made up of three illustrators who met during their time in school: Léna, Baptiste, Axel. Their clients include The Times, Warner Music, The Guardian, Absolut Vodka, and more. The studio is based in Nantes. 



Novel Studio 

Novel Studio is a full-service creative agency working with brands to create visually striking and memorable identity, branding, and campaign designs. They are based in Ontario, Canada. 



Nova Mae Design

Nova Mae Design is an Ontario-based studio that was born out of a love of storytelling and the joy of creating gorgeous aesthetics. Nova Mae Design takes a minimalistic but impactful approach to brand identity, web design, and packaging design. 

Nova Mae


Black Mongrels

Black Mongrels is an award-winning creative studio with a process-driven approach. Their belief is that when good design serves to solve and not to flaunt, true beauty blossoms and creativity thrives. 



iframe design studio

iframe is a design studio specializing in branding, corporate identity, and web design, as well as custom logo and typeface design. They are based in Greece. 




Insigniada is a full-service agency that collaborates with businesses to craft their brand strategy, identity, and web presences from the ground up. 


See more graphic design studios on Behance who are available for freelance projects. 

Work with Design Studios Directly on Behance

When you find a studio that is a good fit for your project, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If they are interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal that you can review and approve. Once you complete the required upfront payment, the creative team can begin the work. 

Learn more about how to use our Freelance Projects feature in our FAQ

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