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Meet Our May Guest Curator: Lucas Camargo of Untitled Army

Meet Our May Guest Curator: Lucas Camargo of Untitled Army
Published May 23, 2022 by the Behance Team

Each month we invite a creative from Behance to curate our social feed for a week. Our May Guest Curator is Brooklyn-based art director and animator behind Untitled Army, Lucas Camargo. 


“UntitledArmy was a way I named myself when doing side art projects through the years. It was a way to push some of the frustration I had from agency life,” explains Lucas Camargo. The Brazilian artist, who now calls New York City his home, started his creative career in advertising, eventually climbing the ranks to become an art director and creative director. “The agency world was a hub early on that helped to capitalize my creativity into a viable career path, but unfortunately not a fulfilling experience.”

In 2017, Lucas decided to take a leap of faith and leave the advertising. He had been learning animation on his own time over the years, and decided to “start from scratch on the production side of things.” He joined an animation studio and is now the director of 3D animation at Roof Studio.

Web 1920 – 3

Art by Untitled Army

Although his life in the agency world was ultimately unsatisfying, Lucas does credit those years for helping him build on a vital skill set for being a successful creative. “I learned a lot on how to articulate a project, and it allowed me to touch on different areas from digital, print and film, and it taught me how important it is to curate your ideas.” His experience working with agencies and clients gives him an upper hand today in his role as an animation director: “It definitely helps to understand some anxieties projects can bring into the creative teams.” 

885f40133510357.61bf7bdaac224 (1)

Medusa by Untitled Army

If going through a complete shift in his career was not overwhelming enough, Lucas also went through a divorce at the same time: “It was a painful moment in my life, basically I questioned everything I had done, seemed I had failed in my career and in my marriage, but art came to the rescue.” 

Web 1920 – 2

Art by Untitled Army

Every day, Lucas went to a coffee shop and opened up his sketchbook: “No judgment, no goal, just sit and let things flow.” Through the repetition and routine of drawing everyday, Lucas was able to find a new voice. “My art started to get noticed, it got to touch people and help me to put things out, feel the beauty even in the painful things. There is poetry to everything and my art helped to open my eyes, to connect to myself and allow myself to keep moving.” In the last four years, Lucas has completed over 1000 sketches. 

Web 1920 – 1

Sketches by Untitled Army

Lucas often tackles complex emotions and themes in his artwork, but always leaves the interpretation to the viewer. In this way, he is able to overcome language barriers, something he had to struggle with when he first moved to New York as a Portuguese speaker. “The simplicity of language is something that spreads to the body of work I have generated. I think about it as a fundamental stone of my style and of what I’m here to say.”


We Too by Untitled Army

One of Lucas’ most meaningful Behance projects is We Two, a project that garnered him a lot of attention during his early days of starting his personal project. “I sketched after going through some hard times and when it was on paper there was a sense of capturing something simple yet powerful, only able to be captured because of pain, smiles and learning from what I had experienced.”

Screen Shot 2022 05 19 at 11.56.23 Am

See all the projects from Lucas’s moodboard 

As a jumping off point for his moodboard, Lucas started to look at the Behance profiles of artists whose work was on his mind. “Then I just let myself get lost and discover some nice things. I wanted to collect things that I like from many styles and artists and let it flow,” he explains. His moodboard is aptly titled Some Nice Things


Felt sculpture 2017 by Paolo Puck

A recurring theme among the projects that Lucas chose from his moodboard is expressive figures. “I love the scale, colors, and forms Paolo achieves with his pieces,” says Lucas of Paolo Puck’s large-scale felt sculptures. “The felt material gives an interesting softness to the bold forms that contrast and how the colors just flow in such grace is remarkable.” 


Pink Bad Wolf by toco-oco

Lucas was also drawn to the vibrant resin sculpture by the duo toco-oco: “[their] characters have a quirk and mythical flavor that I enjoy a lot, and they bring some of the Brazilian flavor which resonates with me.”

HarnStop by Harn Kae Chao 

One of the artists Lucas discovered while curating his moodboard is the ceramicist Harn Kae Chao. “[His project Stop] captured my attention on the colors and shapes, something about the softness contrasting with the raw brutality of the unfinished forms is beautiful,” shares Lucas. 

Follow us on Instagram this week as we share more projects from Lucas’ moodboard and to learn more about his 3D illustration process. You can see more projects by Lucas on Behance.

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