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Behance Features to Help You Get Paid

Behance Features to Help You Get Paid
Published April 10, 2023 by the Behance Team

Introducing brand new features to help you make the most of your creative career on Behance.

1. Let Hirers Know You are Available 

Fill out the Hire Me section of your profile to let visitors know that you're open for freelance work or full time opportunities. You can customize the minimum budget for custom commissions and freelance work and specify when you will be available. 

Project Prososal

Art by Anna Daviscourt

With your availability turned on, prospective clients who like your work will be able to contact you directly with a Freelance/Project Inquiry. Your profile will also appear on our Hire page

Update your availability

2. List A Creative Service

Add custom freelance services to your Behance profile to let visitors know the specific types of projects you’re available for. Set your own price, timeline, and revisions to get qualified inquiries, and get paid upfront for your work. 

Freelance Projects

Art by Jeannie Huang

To get paid directly on Behance, connect your account to Stripe, our payment processing partner. Stripe payments are safe, secure, and global. 

Get started with Freelance Services

3. Sell Downloadable Assets 

Attach downloadable files directly to any Behance project and sell your digital assets to the world's largest creative community of over 40 million members. You can specify the type of license, set your own price for each asset, and continue to monetize on other platforms. 


Browse downloadable mock ups by Hazard Mockups

Get started with Downloadable Assets

4. Offer Subscriptions to Your Followers 

Through subscriptions, you can monetize your work and connect with a global community of supporters. Subscriptions are seamlessly integrated with your existing Behance projects and livestreams, so you can mark any existing content to be for subscribers only, or create new content as you go.


Subscribe to Ludwig Favre on Behance

Choose any amount between $1-$100 to charge your subscribers every month, and if you have an active paid Creative Cloud membership, Behance collects no platform fees (that means 100% of your subscription revenue goes directly to you, aside from payment processing fees from Stripe). 

Create a Subscription on Behance

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