Pixelbuddha: Retro Strokes Illustrator Brushes

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Free Brushes on Behance

Free Brushes on Behance
Published October 1, 2022 by the Behance Team

Brushes are a great tool for adding texture, depth, and dimension to your graphic design and illustration projects. From brushes for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Procreate, we’ve curated a moodboard of versatile brushes that you can download for free to create your next masterpiece. 

Retro Strokes Illustrator Brushes by Pixelbuddha



Free Bubble Wrap Photoshop Brushes by Hyperpix Productions



Free Marker Brushes for Procreate by Biso Studio



Free Textured Illustrator Brushes by Matej Ilčík

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 at 11.26.27 Am


Free Elegant Flower Photoshop Brushes by The Designest Blog, Milka Oxana, and Pixelbuddha



Free Textured Procreate Brushes by Jimbo Bernaus and BAM! creative studio



Free Crayon Brushes for Illustrator and Affinity Designer by Jeremy Child



Free Seamless Halftone Procreate Brushes by Pixel Surplus and Geena Kade



Free vector brush collection by 2DFUNS 

Vector Brushes


Art Brushes for Procreate by Biso Studio


Looking for more brushes? 

Search for more downloadable brushes on Behance or browse our curated moodboard featuring some of the best free brushes on Behance. 

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 at 10.54.25 Am

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