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Female Designers For Hire from Behance

Female Designers For Hire from Behance
Published March 14, 2023 by the Behance Team

Behance is home to an incredible community of women artists around the world, across graphic design, illustration, photography, 3D art, and more. 

If you’re looking to hire a freelance designer for your next creative project, visit our Hire page to browse through thousands of portfolios of women designers. Filter by creative field, location, tools, and more to find the perfect freelance artist for your project. 

Hire Page

With our new Freelance Projects feature, you can connect and collaborate with freelance artists directly through Behance. Payments are made securely through Stripe, and with community reviews for both the clients and creatives, you can feel confident going into an agreement.

Here’s a highlight of some of the talented women in design who are currently available for hire on Behance. 

Female Freelance Designers


Emily López

Emily, who also goes by Emma or Emmiliana, is a graphic designer and art director who has created bold graphics for brands like Coca-Cola, Vice Media, and Adobe. She lives and works in New York City.



Kim Van Vuuren

Kim is a graphic designer and artist who combines traditional design techniques with contemporary illustrations and aesthetics. Kim is originally from South Africa but currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. 



Maria Troconis

Maria is an award-winning designer with over 15 years of experience in design and art direction. She is also the founder of Grafikisto, a full-service design and branding studio based in Los Angeles. 

Maria – 1


Nadya Aksenova

Graphic designer and visual artist Nadya specializes in branding and product design. Nadya’s work often features abstract textures and cyberpunk elements. She is based in Rome and also open for full-time opportunities. 



Yasemin Çakır

Yasemin is a freelance graphic designer based in Berlin. She is deeply fascinated by the emotional and influence of typography on design.



Giulia De Amicis

Giulia specializes in information design, visual journalism, and editorial illustrations. She is based in Milan, Italy. 



Ruth Wright-Palmer

Ruth is the owner and creative director behind London-based studio GLDN. She is a research-based creator who brings a holistic approach to design. 



Inès Davodeau

Marseille-based designer Inès specializes in editorial, type and branding design. She enjoys creating custom typefaces with strong personalities. 



Adana J

Adana is a branding and packaging designer based in California. Her focus is in the food and beauty industries and her designs often feature organic textures.  



Filipa Viegas

Filipa is a Portuguese audiovisual artist currently studying communications design. She works in both digital and analog media to create visually impactful, experimental designs.


See more freelance designers who are available for hire on Behance. 

Work with Freelance Designers Directly on Behance

When you find a creative who is a good fit for your project, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If the creative is interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal that you can review and approve. Once you complete the required upfront payment, the creative can begin the work. 

Learn more about how to use our Freelance Projects feature in our FAQ

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