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Essential Objects: HYPERtheticals, Stay Home Club Tees, & More

Essential Objects: HYPERtheticals, Stay Home Club Tees, & More
Published July 23, 2014 by Sasha VanHoven

Whether you're huddled by the office AC or kicking back on the beach, we rounded up the tools necessary to beat the heat (from your projects or otherwise).


Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

Finally, a pair of headphones designed for startup maniacs pulling extra-long hours. The MH40s can be worn comfortably all day and have neat features like a “mute” button built in. But be warned that this “modern-day thinking cap” ain’t cheap.



A universal remote worn as a ring, Nod allows you to use “the Force” to control everything from your computer to home appliances with a subtle wave of your hand.



Think coffee is overrated? Try breaking up the afternoon grind with a zen-inducing tea ritual. Panatea’s matcha is antioxidant packed, revs up the metabolism, and gives you a boost of caffeine without the jitters
or the crash.


Stay Home Club

Are your “interns” otherwise known as your cats? Does wearing a white t-shirt feel dressy to you? Live up the freelance life and embrace your inner homebody with this SHC tee.


Kangaroo Light

Cellphones make rather poor flashlights. But the flexible Kangaroo Light was made for those times of need (e.g. finding your keys, traveling, reading, ambience) when you’d prefer not to run down your phone’s battery. Plus it’s, dare we say, light?


Figure It Out Banner

A good mantra, delivered softly, is important to keep around for those times of need. This motivational banner is Coach 99U approved.


HYPERtheticals: 50 Questions for Insane Conversations

Remove “what’s your greatest weakness?” from your hiring repertoire. Instead, surprise your interviewee and learn how they rationalize with these 50 crazy questions by Chuck Klosterman, author of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.


HAY Ballograf

Keep pen stealers at bay with this modern take on 1950s bank pens by Copenhagen-based design store HAY.
(Sidenote: Everything this company makes is amazing and beautiful. Get in there.)



Apps will never be able to deliver the satisfaction of crossing something off your to-do list with real ink. Enter “Paperback,” a sticky note that fits perfectly on the back of your iPhone.


Umbra Casa Tissue Case Cover

Let’s face it: Tissue box designs blow and allergy season is here. Add some clean design and charm to your kleenex setup with this nifty house-shaped cover.

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