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Behance Year in Review 2022

Behance Year in Review 2022
Published December 12, 2022 by the Behance Team

Behance was founded as a platform designed by and for creative professionals. Over 40 million members from around the world have shared their work to Behance across 120 different creative fields including graphic design, illustration, photography, 3D art, motion design, architecture, fine art, fashion, crafts, and more. Collectively, your work has been viewed more than 2 billion times! 

One of our founding principles was to build a product that enables creatives to build their careers. This year, we launched features designed to help our members find more opportunities, and we’ll be bringing you more ways to monetize your work through Behance in 2023. 

  • Hire Page: See thousands of creative professionals who are open to full-time or freelance projects. Fill out the Hire Me section in your Behance profile to let visitors know that you’re open to new opportunities and to be featured on our Hire page.
  • Source files: Attach digital assets or links to any project to share your knowledge with the community, and soon we’ll be adding the ability sell your source files.
  • Subscriptions: Monetize your content by offering subscriptions on Behance, and support your favorite artists by subscribing to them.

Thousands have been discovered for their work through Behance, and even after 15 years, we continue to be inspired by the innovative and boundary-pushing portfolios of our creative community. 


See more photography projects by Aishy on Behance

Aishy: “Behance literally changed my life. In 2020 following a trip to Japan I started publishing my first series of photos taken there. I did not expect such a result, there was a lot of enthusiasm and traffic on my photo projects. I gained a lot of visibility, artistic media started to write articles to present my work, and I got my first international contracts with big companies in the United States, China, and London.


Wandering Tokyo by Aishy

I’ve used other networks like Instagram and Twitter to present my work but it was very limiting to present work in a series, or with high quality. Behance allowed me to present my complete projects without quality or quantity limit — I can format my projects like a real portfolio and share them with other creative people in the world.”


See more digital art projects by Alex on Behance 

Alex Valentina: “Since I started sharing my works on Behance I have collected a lot of good feedback and I can say that 50% of the works and people that contact me are people who have seen my work on Behance.


BMW - Born Electric by Alex Valentina

In a way I have found my life's work: having the opportunity to work every day doing exactly the things I like, with freedom and without too much stress, with the possibility of continuing to research and improve my style and tone. It’s perhaps one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a creative.”


See more illustration projects by Laura on Behance

Laura Normand: “I owe a lot (even everything!) to this platform. I think that 70% of my clients come from Behance! Without Behance I don't think I would have the chance to work for big American clients.

I discovered Behance when I was a student and I thought, ‘Let's try this, let's upload some works to see if "design people" like it.’ And everything started from that moment! I didn't know what freelancing was but I started freelancing naturally because individuals and companies started to contact me through there. Eight years later, I am still here, freelancing full-time and loving my work/life.”


See more graphic design projects by Pop & Pac on Behance 

David Popov, Creative Director of Pop & Pac: “Behance is one of our best new business tools. Many clients have mentioned over the years that they have found us this way. The biggest hit we had this year was when we posted our Otherside project. No fewer than 10 other creative blogs picked it up from your site, and featured the project. 


Otherside by Pop & Pac

We love your platform and it has almost become our new website. It gets regular updates given how much traction it drives for us. We may not always get a new client out of it, but with almost every new post, we'll generate at least two new leads.”


See more graphic design projects by Lung-Hao Ching on Behance

Lung-Hao Ching: “Behance is a good promotion tool and platform for designers. I had a Behance account as early as 2013. At first, it was just to organize my works, but soon I found that it is very convenient to present my works on the Internet. Many awesome collaborations and invitations come from Behance's inbox, and such positive interactions have also become an incentive for my design work.”


See more photography projects by Arthur on Behance

Arthur Keef: “Behance is always the first place I launch a project. Getting feedback from creatives alike is something I cherish because you end up receiving constructive criticism from people who understand in depth what it takes to create the work; and this is unlike any other platform. 

OPERA MINI based in Norway reached out to me to work on a few campaigns for them this year and it has honestly been an amazing opportunity and experience for myself and my team. It enabled me to put on my directing hat and opened my eyes to realize that there is an opportunity for me to actually set up a production team in addition to my photography team. And guess what, they found my work on Behance.

I always have been, and always will be, an advocate for Behance to other creatives because you have given us a place to showcase our works to the world.”


MABAWA (JULIANI) by Arthur Keef 

We’re always looking for success stories from Behance members! If you’ve been discovered on Behance, found new clients, or landed your dream job, we want to hear about it. Write to us at

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next year and look forward to bringing even more features and opportunities for our community! 

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