Brett Gregory

Student / Game Developer

Allen Park, MI, USA

Work Experience


*Produced music, art and code assets for clients

*Created professional art, audio, and code assets for the Unity3D Asset Store

*Expanded skillset by frequently accepting challenging tasks

*Strengthened professional communication skills through regular interaction with clients
June 2012 - Present

Infinite Machine (Lawrence Tech's Game Development Group)

Lead Developer

*Produced code, supplementary artwork, music, and audio for three titles

*Led three teams of 6-10 people

*Reviewed and integrated team members’ code and art assets into projects

*Made and executed large-scale decisions involving the entirety of the organization

*Assisted team members individually as needed

*Taught crash courses on multiple subjects
September 2013 - February 2015 Southfield, Michigan, United States


Lawrence Technological University

(In progress) Bachelor of Computer Science

Fourth year student, graduating in May of 2016.
August 2012 - Present Michigan, United States


Entertainment Software Association

E3 College Game Competition Finalist



3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, C#, C++, FL Studio, Git, Java, Programming, Unity 3D, Wings 3D,