Daniel Wright


I started out as a trader in early 2012. Initially Forex, but with the recent growth in Crypto this market has been hard to ignore. I am now a full time Crypto trader and also run a trade signals and education group, determined to show that anyone can make an income through Crypto.

Work Experience

Best Crypto Trade Signals

Lead Trader

My role involves the day to day operations of the business. Crypto is a rapidly evolving market, still in its early days with huge potential for the future. As well as supplying daily market updates and trade signals, I also developed the exclusive crypto trading course.

There are many services available when it comes to Crypto signals, and it is therefore very important that you choose the correct one to fit your needs. Think about the full package, and by this, I mean education, support as well as just the usual signals.

Whilst Bitcoin continues to be the market leader, followed by Ethereum, there are hundreds of alt coins. This gives us incredible potential to trade different coins on a daily basis.

Whether you are totally new to crypto or an experienced trader, the opportunities are endless. You may be looking to get in to the industry as a long term investment, but you can also consider day trading, swing trading or scalping.

I was also responsible for creating our industry leading scalping indicator. This allows our members to scalp any crypto coin on a variety of time frames with incredible accurate buy and sell signals.