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Benoit Ollive

Berlin, Germany
My name is Benoit Ollive, I am twenty-two years old and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the Marseille School of Fine Arts, France. My determination to succeed in graphic design led me to move to London in January 2010. I would like to gain international recognition in design-making, extend my professional networks and work experience. My work is inspired by urban trends, social networks and the underlying concepts of alternative cultures. I would really enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a company for which I could use my creativity as an answer to client challenges. I have always pushed myself very hard to create work that is unique, explores mixed media, questions the principles of design and connects people through narrative. While creative-minded, I am highly-motivated, practical, focussed on quality, conscientious and organised. These traits have given me the opportunity to work with designers, architects, film directors and art galleries in roles including graphic designer, assistant, art director and curator.
Paris, France
May 2011
Art director
Jun 2009
London, United Kingdom
Sep 2010Dec 2010
Graphic Designer Full-time
I was commissioned by the End of the Line company to transform an abandoned warehouse into creative studios. I worked on the interior design, fit-out and created the graphic identity. I prepared a toolkit to allow the company to continue developing their own visual organisation without my assistance.
Lyon, France
Jul 2010Aug 2010
Intern graphic designer Full-time
I worked on visual identity projects for the city of Paris and Lyon using typography and vector drawings. I learnt organisational skills and how to professionally present a proposal to clients.
Marseille, France
Nov 2010
Space designer / Curator
I was commissioned to design a set for "The Emperor's New Clothes", a play directed by the Lalage Theatre Company at the Minoterie Theatre. I also designed a photography exhibition related to the development of the production. In a positive newspaper article from La Provence, the critic reviewed my work as perceptive of the social context and visually entertaining.
Marseille, France
Oct 2008Apr 2009
Intern Designer Part-time
I assisted Benoit Corbillon on architectural plans, presentations, drawings, photographs and 3D prototyping. I also participated in the Grenoble Wood Architecture Contest with a comprehensive proposal of bioclimatic houses, which was selected for publication in the event's book.
Nice, France
Jun 2008Aug 2008
Intern Graphic designer / Printer Full-time
I had the role of graphic designer and printer in the studio. I learnt how to set-up and run the press without assistance and designed and printed logos on a range of paper and fabric mediums.
London, United Kingdom
Jan 2010Jul 2011
Marseille, France
Sep 2006Dec 2009
Bachelor Space Design.
In 2009 DNAT Spacial Design diploma with honourable mention for graphics (equivalent to a Bachelor of Design).
Antibes, France
Sep 2003Jul 2006
High school diploma industrial design.
In 2006 Bac STI Industrial design diploma with jury Honours (equivalent to a high school diploma of industrial design).
Nice, France
Sep 1999Jul 2003
College Catherine Ségurane
Brevet des Collèges with Honours (equivalent to a GCSE).
Spanish (Beginner), English (Fluent), French (Native), Italian (Beginner)
3D Sketches, Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Illustrator -Indesign - Photoshop - Lightroom -Premiere), Analogic And Digital Photography, Book Binding, Color Grading, Cultural Awareness, Design Making, Edition, Final Cut Pro 7, High Dynamic Range Photography, Letterpress, Oil Paint, PDF Presentations, Photographic Manipulations, Photomatix Pro 4, Plan Making, Prototyping, Public Speaking, RAW Development, Screenprint, Sketch-up 8, Spraypaint, Tattoo, Teaching, Team Work, Vector Drawing, Vectorworks, Video Editing, Visual Identity
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Exhibitons :
Curator :

2 December 2010 Type Scale
Camberwell Gallery, London

24 August 2010 Meeting of Styles
Highbury Studios, London

12 May 2010 Design Type Ink Print
Camberwell Gallery, London

Participant :

10 December 2010 Reverting to Type
Standpoint Gallery, London

17 November 2010 Spray it, Play it
Lockside Lounge, London

7 May 2010 Dulwich Open House
Ingrid's house, London

10 April 2009 Architects' Spring
School of Architecture, Marseille

7 March 2009 Carhartt Exhibition
Carhartt Showroom, Marseille

1 March 2009 Sketch City
Daïkiling Gallery, Marseille

6 October 2008 Leclere Art Auction
Maison Leclere, Marseille

12 October 2007 Fine Art Exhibition
Montperrin's hospital, Aix

20 November 2007The Way Of
Point de Bascule, Marseille

From 2008 to 2010 I have volunteered with the Art and Development, Sun of Shade and Sketch City Associations, leading free creative workshops for children in the poor and disadvantaged areas of Marseille. I have also done live painting performances to raise funds for these associations.