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No matter if you are in Little League, High School, College, or your local Slow-Pitch Softball league - we discover and review the best bats to help our awesome readers with their new bat purchase. Our baseball and softball bat experts research the hottest bats, every single year. We want to save you time, money, and most importantly, help you find the BEST bat for YOU.

Our reviews of top bat brands, such as Easton, DeMarini, and Louisville Slugger, dive deep into what matters.
Is it balanced, or an end-loaded bat? Does it have a big sweet spot? Is it durable? How is the grip? Can I hit HOME RUNS?

Discover the best bats from this year, reviewed and rated by SmashScore (a exclusive bat rating system) including:

*BBCOR (the best high school baseball bats)
*USSSA (the best 14U and below baseball bats)
*USA (the best Little League baseball bats)
*ASA (the Slow-pitch softball bats)
and much, much more.

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Whether you're looking for the best deal, a power-hitter-friendly bat, or something lightweight - we got you covered. And as always, the top brands and latest bat models. was founded by Thomas J. Barnett, a baseball player of nearly 20 years. As he approaches his 30s, he enjoys coaching and analyzing baseball games. One thing he enjoyed most about playing baseball over the years was unpackaging a brand new baseball bat as the spring baseball season arrived. Now that his baseball career has ended, is a way to share his passion for baseball bats with the world.

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Best Baseball Bat Reviews 2020



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When looking for BBCOR bats to buy, it is important to consider many different models. Start here: