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User Interface, User experience & Graphic Designer

Singapore, Singapore
I'm a designer.
I do mostly user interface design for many platforms including webs and mobiles.
I also do graphics & photography.

Currently looking for new opportunity to collaborate or new work to improve my skills & experience. Always welcome for collaborations.
Work Experience
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Dec 2012
User Interface designer
Working on a landing page which the content would be supported by Spling. The process took around 3 weeks from sketch, mockup and revisions and I work intensely with the Co Founder of Spling, Billy.
Aug 2012Nov 2012
User Interface Designer
Working on Learning management system for American honor which covers a dashboard hub which contain crucial informations for users when first time landed after signed.
Oct 2012
UI & UX Designer
I'll be joining Wego as UI/UX designer to bring their product into higher level. ( formally Bezurk) is an Asian based Travel Search Engine which is head quartered in Singapore with local offices in Sydney and Hong Kong. was founded in 2005 by former executives from Intercontinental Hotels Group , Yahoo! , Priceline and ZUJI. allows travellers to search for flights, hotels, packages, travel deals and travel research across 100+ travel websites in the time that it normally takes to search just one. Wego searches travel websites in realā€time so that the latest pricing and availability are shown. Travellers are then linked through to partner websites to book.
London, United Kingdom
Sep 2012
Product Designer
I'm partner up with awesome guys from London to create a cool startup product. Please visit the site for more info
Aug 2012
UI & UX Designer
I'm in charge to design their Dashboard for LMS product
Pleasantville, NY, USA
Jul 2012Aug 2012
Product Designer
Hired to design their iPhone app. More info will be updated when the app is launched.

San Francisco, CA, USA
Jun 2012Jul 2012
UI & UX Designer
In charge to design iPhone app that will be released soon.

Visit here for the app preview
San Francisco, CA, USA
Apr 2012
UI & UX Desginer
I was asked to help a SF funded based startup Dailymuses to do the overhaul of their website also iPhone app. I also in charge to change their new brand identity including logo and color.
Ohio, CO, USA
Feb 2012Mar 2012
UI & UX Designer
I was asked to design a website for their online shop. Something like E-commerce. The aim is to be simple, minimalist, clean but also easy to use.

You can see some example on the link below. Note that the images and some navigations has been changed due to client's privacy.
Astana, Kazakhstan
Jan 2012
UI Designer, UX Designer, Visual Designer
I was contacted by a guy from to help them create beautiful interface for their product. Their product include Learning Management System and small derivation product.
Bee is a software/ IT company based in Kazakhstan.
Obrigheim, Germany
Feb 2012Mar 2012
UI Designer, UX Designer, Visual Designer
Creating B2C website focusing on fashion.
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Dec 2011
UI Designer
My job is to design Euclid Element vital product so that it more become simpler, more engaging, easy to read, visually balanced and make user easy to understand about the product without taking too much time to learn.

Been fun working with them
Dec 2011
Visual Designer, UI Designer
Designing mobile site for This design will be applicable to the next version of meetdoctor website
Nov 2011
UI Designer, Visual Designer
My job is to designing several interface element for iOS app.
Jul 2011Nov 2012
UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Consultant, Visual Designer
Working as freelance to be an UI and UX designer on NDA project.
The design is over and currently in dev process.
Aug 2011Dec 2011
UI Designer, UX Designer, Visual Designer
Working on NDA project to build a web app. With my partner together we build from scratch to front-end development. Both web app and mobile app.

So far it's been an interesting project and fun!
More works here
Aug 2011Sep 2011
UI Designer
Designing a several button that suit better and more engaging to be used to other site. Was a quick job and fun.

You can see the result here
Jun 2011Dec 2011
Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, UI & UX Designer
Sneepet is a side project. It's a mix of digital scrapbook and social media.
Dec 2010Feb 2011
Indonesian Agricultural Ministry
Visual Designer, UI Designer
I was asked to design several visual design for interactive media as campaign project that held by Indonesian Agricultural Ministry.
Jun 2010Jul 2010
Graphic Designer
Having position to do short project related to novel. I was asked to design back and front cover tittled Rahim.
London, United Kingdom
Mar 2010Apr 2010
Visual Designer
Was in charge to do design for web-flash project. The project is about bring the Instant Recall quiz to the web using flash. It is interesting to work on the bottom line of production and working with talented flash developer at the time.

You can see it alive here
United Kingdom
Mar 2010Mar 2011
Visual Designer
Marketing1 is a business marketing database tools that contains marketing and financial data about companies. I was in ordered to design the logo, Interfaces, and the website.
Nov 2009Mar 2010
UI Designer
Involved in several project including designing UI and assets for game and UI for web app
Aug 2006May 2007
I'm in charge to do all graphic request from logo, print, branding, to web design.
Jul 2006
Bachelor of Geophysical Engineering
I take Geophysical Engineering as my major because I always have passion for science especially exploring our earth. But beside that I always love my other world, my other passion to be creative people. Design something useful, making products or help people and company to solve their problem with my design ability.
Indonesian (Fluent), English (Conversational)
Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, Interface Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Sketching, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Web Design, Wireframing