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Extremely dedicated and experienced 3D modeler who is passionate about computer art and science, an active team player who is efficiently able to communicate to the needs of his Superiors and eager to contribute to the industry.
  • 3D Artist
    PlayStudios — Burlingame, CA, USA
  • Freelance Creature Modeler
    Helpful Bear Productions — San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Character Artist Intern
    Mixamo — San Francisco, CA, USA
  • CG Modeler
    Muscle Beach — San Francisco, CA, USA
  • CG Modeler
    Break Free — San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Sculptor
    The National Academy Museum — San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Audio Visual Artist
    Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival 2009 — Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Illustrator
    Trendsetter Magazine — Istanbul, Turkey
  • Illustrator
    T3 Magazine — Istanbul, Turkey
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