Montreal, Quebec, Canada
atelierMUSE consists of two members, Simon Gannon and KrisRix. They come to each other for advice often, and usually wind up working as each other's assistants. While both of them have their own unique style, strengths, and weaknesses, they have found that it's when they review each other's works and help add a little polish that things can really shine.

Simon Gannon enjoys meticulous works, such as drafting designs for rooms, mechanics, airships, etc. They are also skilled in painting models and miniatures, and have painted over 300 figures in the past few years. Simon has produced two 80-page comics, and as such also has a great deal of experience in planning, storyboarding, managing a team, and seeing projects through until the end. They enjoy studying new techniques and skills and are always looking to grow as an artist.

KrisRix excels in creating character art, splash images, and comics. They have been consistently told that their pieces have a particular energy to them, which they attribute to their speed and looseness. KrisRix has had a variety of experiences, including painting an installation for Webster Hall NYC, designing costumes for independent films, animating characters for an iPhone game, storyboarding a feature film, and creating several comics.

As an art-duo, Simon Gannon and KrisRix often take very different jobs, but never shy away from the opportunity to assist one another, both to help and to develop new skills. They create a well-rounded team, and they are confident they can work with a client on a variety of projects.

Work Experience


Guest, Workshop Teacher

MUSEbasement, a sub-section of atelierMUSE, was a guest at Montreal's anime/manga convention, Otakuthon, from 2006-2015.

Every year, Simon Gannon, KrisRix, and other MUSEbasement members, hosted a three-day workshop of two hours each. These workshops covered the comic making process from start to finish, including pre-press and self-publishing, how to talk to a printer, fundamentals of layouts, character design tips, traditional and digital tools, and much more.
August 2006 - August 2015 Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Comic Artist

We were asked to create a 24-page manga utilizing the mascots of Otakuthon (an anime, manga, and Japanese culture convention). We were supplied with ideas for the script and then created the manga in time for the convention. 200 copies were sold, some in English, some in French.

Blue Line Pro comic book boards
Micron inking pens
Deleter Comic Studio
July 2011 - August 2011 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fite Games

Animation, Character Design, UI Design, Consultation, Promotional Material

Freelance work for an iPhone game (unreleased).

Simon Gannon worked on:
Consulting team on design choices and artistic direction
User Interface design

KrisRix worked on:
Character design
Character portraits
Animation (key frames and clean-up)
Promotional material
Consulting team on design choices and artistic direction
April 2012 - November 2013 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Shivnath Productions

Storyboard Artist

Storyboard artists for upcoming feature film, Paradox (2015) by director Elana A. Mugdan.

Both KrisRix and Simon Gannon worked on this project.
June 2013 - July 2013 Douglaston, New York, United States

The Ling Space

Graphics Team

atelierMUSE created the branding for The Ling Space, including a style guide and the generation of all assets for web and print.
We also provide the visuals and AfterEffects animations used in each episode. There are nearly 100 main episodes now, along with bloopers, interviews, etc.
July 2014 - Present Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pen Works Media


Simon and KrisRix created several illustrations for Pen Works Media's novel, The Shadow War Saga: Dragon Speaker by Elana A. Mugdan.
Illustrations included: the front and back cover, busts of each main character, and map creation of Allentria, the novel's world.
The second novel in the Shadow War Saga is in pre-production now, and atelierMUSE will be working on the assets again.
October 2016 - Present Quebec, Canada


Long Island University

Bachelor of Science Biology Education K-12

atelierMUSE member KrisRix is a certified Biology teacher in New York State. During their time teaching, they enjoyed bringing art into the classroom, both to better depict difficult concepts and structures for students and to encourage alternative forms of authentic assessment that cater to visual learners.
KrisRix is currently focusing on freelance art as a career, but does intend to eventually find a schedule wherein teaching and freelance art can coincide.

Activities and Honors:

Candidate for Valedictorian
Speaker at CESTL Conference, 2011
Biology Department Award for Academic Excellence in Biology Education, 2011
National SMART Grant Year 4, 2010-2011
DeSilva Memorial Scholarship, 2010-2011
Christopher Racaniello Scholarship, 2008-2011
September 2007 - January 2012 New York, United States


English (Native),
French (Conversational),



Convention guests from 2008-2015



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Character Design, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, Comics, Illustration, Management Skills, Manga Studio, Miniatures Painting, Model Painting, Prepress Experience, Preproduction, Sequential Art , Storyboarding,