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Archer Zuo「左佐」, Typography & Graphic Designer, Member of SGDA「深平协」. He has received some awards and recognitions, including one of the 10 most inspiring designers in China, one of the 10 prominent designers in China etc.
He started his studio in 2013, and focuses on Chinese characters, typography and branding design. His works are featured by Chinese Esthetics, such as LiZhi FM's logotype「荔枝FM」, SnapPea「豌豆荚」, Polyphony「复调」,EastClover「東祥金店」, CocoonLee「茧迹」, RedCloud「赤芸」etc.
He has written and recorded the well-known books and course named『设计师的自我修养』『治字百方』『汉字的基础、造形与美学』about typography and logotype.
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