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this antwaun stanfield i came out with ideas and inventions for companies like mcdonald,burgerking,wendys,tacobell,kfc,pizza hut,hardees,sprint,cricket,ihop,golden corral,and etc.also i did invoices for,i sold shirts for ebay,and also i came out with movie title movies for and worked at tacobell for twelve years.also i am with and hope i can get my royalities from my inventions and idea business and movie business maybe you can help me guys get my money and also i got my business antwaunsnamebrandphones business with you for your support have a blessed day.

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this is antwaun stanfield i hoped they open me up a new bb&t bank checking account so i can get my money because i am good for it.
January 2011 - greensboro, United States

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inventions and ideas

this is antwaun stanfield i came out with inventions and ideas for tacobell like for example the apple empannada.i would like to get compensated and get royalties everyweek i got the free patents,so mail my money at 4221 studio lane in greensboro,n.c.,zip code is 27407.thank you for your support have a blessed day.
April 1997 - October 2004 greensboro, nc, 27407 1301 bridford parkway


Ragsdale High School


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August 1993 - June 1997 jamestown, United States


Black Child Development

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