Antonio Trento

OwnerCurator&Developer of OfficialTrento

Varese, Italy
My Abilities:

Capacity and susceptibility to social contacts and working with any type of person, being able to capture correctly the information necessary to perform certain tasks by putting them into practice in an appropriate manner. Judgment both personal and extra-personal, self-criticism and criticism in order to be able to improve under question. All of these skills have been acquired during the school experience and working environments for group work.

Ability to design and plan work activities assigned. Ability to organize and lead a working group. These skills have been acquired both during the school experience that work and social. Organizational capacity self-sufficient in the management of labor, customers and colleagues. Eager to experience in my field or in a field in which there is opportunity for growth and career, helpful and interested in taking courses in the professional even on the road or abroad.

Office suite Word processing , spreadsheets and databases Good
Graphics & Multimedia Graphic design and multimedia Good
Infrastructure and Networks Network Management Fair
Infrastructure and Networks Operating Systems Good
Hardware assemblies asseblaggio installation troubleshooting Excellent
Hardware and software development of web based programming languages : HTML , PHP , CSS, Java Script and MySQL Good
microblogging ****
xampp **
notepad + + ***
googlecrome ****
photoshop ***
Dreamwaver ***
prestashop ***
wordpress ****
html ****
css ****
jquery **
cms ***
ZURB Foundation **
php **

Twitter *****
Vine *****
Instagram *****
tumblr *****
google+ ***
Klout **
youtube **
Linkedin ***
soundcloud ****
weheartit ****
rebelmouse ****
delicious *
pinterest ***
facebook ***
Forsquare **
IFTTT *****
HootSuite ****
Twuffer *****
Justunfollow *****
Unfollowers *****
Path **
WinCan ( videoinspections ) *****

Van driver with experience
Video inspection supervisions Photografia alterations video photo
Great intuitiveness using machines such as robots or computer software.
Strategies Maketig through ceazione a wordpress blog any more e- commece prestashop connected to all the social networks with the ability to create automated posts.
Ability to implement the strategy of induction to follow and publicize users, with automatic links like on tumblr and twitter . automatic feed
Skills in the computer field ; Excellent knowledge of Windows environment and good office software environments ; Excellent knowledge of all the hardware components and the ability to assemble a PC, malfunction detection capabilities , the ability to create small business network ( workgroup ) and knowledge components network or home both physical installation , software configuration that ( knowing the hardware components and various types of connection are possible) , the ability to network printer installation and configuration , installing new devices and drivers , remove viruses and spyware, system backup and formatting ; knowledge school of programming languages uch as C + +, visual basic , PHP, hTML , CSS, java script , assembly , database, and its relational algebra , knowledge DB query language : SQL . Knowledge of MS office and web-oriented applications such as sending e-mails , use internet browser and also to do research .


ITIS Varese

Computer science

September 1998 - June 2004 Varese, Italy


Italian (Native),
English (Conversational),


Administrator, Computer Science, Design, Marketing, Photography, Pinterest, Videomaking, Web Design, Web Marketing , Web Master,