Angela Carder

Graphic Designer

Scottsdale, AZ, USA
graphic designer, alpha, crossfitter, dancer, runner, food lover, world traveler, culture & fun seeker, social networker

Work Experience


Graphic Designer

Labels/Packaging/Collateral // Presentations // Video/Photo Shoots // Fashion Shows

With my positive attitude and willingness to do whatever is necessary for the project, I am an integral part of our creative team. I can be counted on for a wide range of tasks and see the bigger picture, where no job is too small. I am also great at building rapport with co-workers, vendors and Vemma’s Affiliates.

I have made working with our international markets my niche, by designing and organizing labels, images and marketing materials for the 50 countries we do business in. My keen eye is crucial for catching errors before going to print in English as well as in foreign languages, ensuring that each market is following Vemma brand standards. I'm organized and can be relied on to know the status of projects and assets as well as their locations in a structured file system.

Additionally, I am always willing to help and learn new skills. Some special projects I enjoyed are being the Production Manager for various video and photo shoots. This includes hand-picking products, creating shot lists, keeping the crew organized and on schedule, hiring and managing models, fashion stylists and make-up artists. I also produced a corporate fashion show at two of our Vemma conventions. This involved hiring and managing staff, models and make-up artists throughout the event both years. I am not afraid of hard work and take pride in the end result and accomplishments of the team.

Lastly, I brainstorm, organize, design and execute presentations for all of the executives at Vemma for talks given at various events throughout the world. This includes presentations at the company’s conventions in the United States, Europe and Asia for upwards of 8,000 attendees. I also design and execute monthly live presentations for the CEO. I can be counted on to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and work well in high-tension situations. I love the community at Vemma and am happy to be part of the family.
March 2012 - December 2014 Tempe, Arizona, United States

Angela E Carder Design

Graphic Designer

Print - Collateral // Web - Emails/Websites

Design marketing materials, logos, websites, emails, invitations, t-shirts and various other projects for companies, such as a yogurt shop, chiropractic office, local produce delivery service, green technologies and charity events, among others.
May 2008 - Present Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Phoenix Fashion Week

Graphic Designer

Print - Collateral // Web - Emails

With a passion for fashion and community events, a designer friend and I tag-teamed designing collateral and marketing pieces, such as invitations, flyers, emails, posters and signage for community fashion events throughout 2012 while we were on the PHXFW team. In October for the 8th annual Phoenix Fashion Week event, we designed a program book as well as all invitations, flyers, collateral, signage, emails and posters for the 4-day event.
- October 2012 Phoenix, Arizona, United States


Graphic Designer

Web - Websites/Emails // Print - Collateral // Social Media // Managed - Website // Assisted - Photo Shoots/Events // Video - Light Editing
At ZaaZoom, I helped brand new companies, designed websites, emails and collateral materials, assisted with the production of photo shoots, and also marketed and ran campaigns on social media for various companies that were under the ZaaZoom umbrella. Additionally, I managing an interactive community website and did light video editing. The variety of companies were a speakeasy restaurant/bar, a gold mine in Colombia, coupon sites, and a weight loss/fitness community website, to name a few.

My greatest accomplishment was designing the website for the former speakeasy bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mabel's on Main. I also assisted with marketing and executing themed events, such as a Pan-Am New Year's Eve party, among others.
April 2010 - March 2012 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Steve LeVine Entertainment

Graphic Designer // Social Media

Print - Invitations/Signage // Web - Emails/Light Coding // Production - Events // Social Media // Manage - Intern Designers

At Steve LeVine Entertainment I was the first designer hired to help expand the entertainment company with their growing clientele. I helped brainstorm for themed events, designed invitations, logos, email blasts and marketing materials to meet the client's brand standards. I also helped to promote the events through social media campaigns and light coding while also helping the team with the production.

My first big project was the grand opening celebration of the W Scottsdale hotel. I designed the invitations as well as other images and decor for this Alice in Wonderlust event in addition to working with the team to set up and bring this elaborate theme to life. We did these types of themed grand-scale parties for this client several times throughout the year for annual holidays and anniversaries. SLE also created weekly event nights involving music and fashion that I branded and created marketing materials for and well as helped with the production of the events.

Another big project was managing the social media pages to reestablish the Phoenix Open PGA golf tournament concert series, the Birds Nest, when the title sponsor for the next 7 years changed. I created a marketing strategy and managed the pages to quickly build up the social media channels organically through promotions and giveaways leading up to the event. This also included managing damage control and resolving problems with customers after a crisis occurred during the event. In addition to social media, I also designed the marketing materials and email blasts, did some light coding on the facebook page tabs and followed through on the giveaway prizes for the winners.
July 2008 - April 2010 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Arizona State University

Furniture/Exhibit/Graphic Designer // Project Manager

Design - Furniture Piece // Manage - Installation Exhibit Design

Won a commission my senior year of college to have a cable-suspended, metal magazine/brochure rack I designed to be installed into a new building in association with Arizona State University and the City of Scottsdale. The building, SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, is where cutting-edge companies would come together from around the world in an environment designed to foster collaboration and growth.

The objective was to show how Arizona was connected with different markets and countries throughout the world. With another designer, we worked with the project manager at the building, our ASU design professors and other school officials to get the different areas of exhibit design completing throughout the floor while working around the construction schedule. We were able to hire and work with a variety of manufacturers and contractors to get the design pieces installed just in time for the grand opening celebration, lead by the president of ASU, the mayor of the City of Scottsdale and other school and local government officials.

In the end, I was able to fine-tune my initial sketches of my magazine rack, have it fabricated and installed as a permanent piece in a promenade building for the city of Scottsdale.
September 2007 - March 2008 Tempe, Arizona, United States

Kono Magazine

Graphic Design Intern

Print - Magazine // Manage - Shipping/Customer Relations

This new start-up was my summer design internship between my junior and senior years of college. In addition to design, I also was in charge of shipping products as well as helping our customers throughout the world. We also assisted with presenting the business model and magazine issues at a martial arts convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The strong relationships I built here transferred to being hired years later by the same creative director at ZaaZoom.
June 2007 - August 2008 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States


Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science, Visual Communication Design

Won a commission my senior year to have my metal magazine rack fabricated and installed into a new work collaboration space with Arizona State University and the City of Scottsdale. With the help of a fellow student, we were in charge of designing and installing the graphics and art on the ASU floor of the building under a tight deadline for the grand opening ceremony with ASU President Michael Crow and local government officials.
May 2008 Tempe, Arizona, United States


Marketing Pieces // Presentations // Production // Labels/Packaging // Web Design Events // Pre-Press // Adobe CC // Assisting And Producing Video/Photo Shoots // Fashion Shows Management // Social Media,