Seller of Pyramid Schemes & Snake Oil.
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Contrary to popular belief: I am not a nobel laureate, the offspring of Jack Sparrow & Orlando Bloom, or one to enjoy whiskey on the rocks. I’m merely a designer that happens to fancy the taste of a well made appletini.
  • Senior Designer/Art Director
    Utoka — GA, USA
  • Brand Designer
    NOTCH 8 Gallery — GA, USA
  • Senior Designer
    Bellhops — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Senior Designer
    Mowgli — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Global Retail Designer
    The Coca-Cola Company — GA, USA
  • Brand Designer
    MASS Collective — GA, USA
  • Brand Designer
    Nelson Street Gallery — GA, USA
  • Brand Designer
    Notch8 Gallery — Atlanta, GA, USA
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