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Architecture Revolution = ArchiLution

In the 21st century the world is developing at a rapid nearly superhuman pace.
Aldous Huxley at ‘Brave New World’ suggests “that the price of universal happiness will be the sacrifice of the most hallowed shibboleths of our culture: "motherhood", "home", "family", "freedom", even "love". The exchange yields an insipid happiness that's unworthy of the name. Its evocation arouses our unease and distaste.”

The global financial crisis reminded the humankind that the period of unstoppable consumption and exploitation of natural resources has come to an end. Mankind should adapt to the new situation and invent (or revert to) new values and a new way of living by defying consumption (homo-confectoris).

Architecture has to rediscover these values and lead the global government to this new model of values and sustainable living.

Through ArchiLution the essential conditions and the new constants that will lead the global community to a peaceful coexistence with the traumatized nature and to the cultural elevation of the 21st century will be created.

Architecture is life.

Work Experience

Vandoros + Partners

Senior Architect

February 2006 - Greece


Founder / Manager

ArchiPaper is the online architecture newspaper of ArchiTeam.

Gathering information and daily updates of the web projects - like ArchiTravel, ArchiCalendar, Point of View etc - and world news on issues regarding architecture in general.

ArchiPaper is a daily updated newspaper that is essential to everyone who loves architecture, culture, photography, design, travel and above all the adventure of civilization.
March 2010 - Thessaloniki, Greece


Aristotele University Of Thessaloniki

Master of Architecture

September 2000 - October 2005 Greece

Aristotele University Of Thessaloniki

Phd Candidate

Phd Candidate in Architecture
September 2009 - Present Greece


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