Alejandro Uria

Website Design ★Ecommerce Marketing Specialist ★ Social Media Expert ★ SEO Specialist

San Diego, CA, USA
I have helped over 200 entrepreneurs in different industries create a website and put into place an online marketing strategy that helps them sell their products or services.

Website Design and Development
Mobile Applications Development
Online Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution
Social Media Management and Advertising
Google Adwords Advertising

I believe that following existing online marketing techniques doesn’t give our clients the full potential for their business and it’s our mission to constantly innovate and have an advantage over our competitors from a marketing point of view, our success is in part because I have selected to work only with clients who share certain principles and goals with my vision.

My journey has led me to start different marketing projects that were just a natural evolution from our beginnings when we started Owls Computers and Web Design in 2009:x

Work Experience

Lista Legal


Lista Legal, the easiest place where hispanic speaking people can start a consultation or hire an attorney. Lista Legal is a product of our marketing efforts working closely with Immigration attorneys in San Diego, our goal was to create a platform that was meant to help the latino population in need for immigration services, to connect with attorneys who have a tracked record for working with latinos. Lista Legal is expanding to connect latinos with attorneys in other legal areas like Family Law, Workers Compensation, Bankruptcy, etc.
California, United States

Brand Igniter


I am very enthusiastic about all the possibilities that online marketing has to offer and how much there is still to be done. Brand Igniter was the natural evolution for Owls Web Design, a way for me to keep working with new and existing clients on their websites and online marketing strategies and a way to discover new interesting projects. Bran Igniter is the garage from where all our ideas and hard effort come from.
California, United States

Towing Company

Marketing Manager

Website management and online visibility optimization for Mission Valley Towing
January 2013 - San Diego, California, United States

Jump 4 Adan

SEO Manager

Online Marketing and SEO expert
California, United States



California, United States

San Diego SEO

SEO Company

San Diego, California, United States

US Citizenship

US Citizenship Cost

Marine Quadrajet

Los Angeles, California, United States

Living Trust Form

Legal Document Software

Development of a program to create legal documents online
Los Angeles, California, United States

Quick Cash For Car

Content Writer

Has your car reached the end of its useful life and is taking up a parking spot? A quick glance at it, and you’ll know that it is worth just a fraction of the amount you paid for it. However, the good news is that you can still convert your car into cash.

San Diego, California, United States


Bachelor in Computer Sciences

Havana, Cuba