Alejo Silos Leal

Madrid, Spain

Work Experience

A Crowd Of Monsters

Programmer - Technical Assistant

Unannounced project for a major mobile publisher
- Responsable for the game´s core base implemenatation (Player, animations, aanagers, gameplay elements, etc.)
Assisted the team reagarding all the technical aspects about Unity 3D among all disciplines
January 2013 - Present Madrid, Spain

CEIEC (Centro De Investigación Experimental Del Conocimiento)

Project Lead - Level Designer - Logic & Tools Programmer

- Led, coordinated and supervised the work of eight people for the last quarter of Codex´s developement, as well as supported the production team with his judgment and advice throughout the development of Codex, Cube and Iredia.
- Acquired extensive experience in Unity 3D as designer and programmer, working in over 25 different levels, including layouts, scripting, cinematics, gameplay mechanics and extensive bug fixes.
- Learned the use and development of tools for creating and editing Unity 3D assets such as localization, dialogues, generating levels or VFX.
- He used visual scripting, pathfinding and UI tools for Unity3D to get the most out of the level design and available assets.
- He was responsible for internal communication tasks for the games (Trailers, promotional images, etc..) As well as becoming a support figure during meetings with potential sponsors
September 2010 - December 2012 Madrid, Spain

CEIEC (Centro De Investigación Experimental Del Conocimiento)

Level Designer - Logic & Tools Programmer

Proyect eMeS (El Mundo en Silencio / The World in Silence): a videogame for the Xbox 360 to concern about deafness disabilities, with Microsoft´s support and other entities. Imagine Cup´s 10 finalist on Game Design.

- Knew how to quickly adapt to unknown technologies and tools.
- Learned how to handle Tomahawk Engine and Windows Presentation Foundation
- Took part on the game´s Framework, level and scripts’ editor´s development, not to mention designing and building most of the game´s levels.
- Developed several game mechanics ´prototypes, including different tests on game experiences using audio degradation, different audio curves and gamepad vibrations.
- Formed in en Windows Presentation Foundation, XNA and Tomahawk Engine
October 2011 - April 2011 Madrid, Spain

Universidad Francisco De Vitoria

Unity 3D Teacher

Introduction to Programming and Game developement with Unity 3D
October 2011 - February 2012 Madrid, Spain


Universidad Francisco De Vitoria

BS, Computer Science

September 2005 - June 2010 Madrid, Spain


English (Fluent),
Spanish (Native),


Fun & Serious Games Festival

Best Cultural Game



Drem Build Play Finalist



Adobe Photoshop, C#, Kismet, PlayMaker, Unreal Developement Kit, 3D Studio Max, FlowGraph, Level Design, Scripting, UDK, Unity 3D, Unreal Script,