Aimee Spinks


Birmingham, United Kingdom
Running a successful business from the ground up has not only improved my skills as a photographer, but also given me valuable experience in every aspect of business and project management.

I have successfully managed my own sales and marketing strategies to generate consistent leads and converted them to into highly successful projects delivered to a range of clients. I have marketed to and gained work at both consumer and business level and continue to develop my portfolio to grow my business year on year.

Running my own business has proven my ability to work well under pressure and deliver to budget, brief and deadline whilst maintaining strong relationships with clients, suppliers and collaborators.

Work Experience

Aimee Spinks Photography


Specialising in producing exceptional cinematic imagery and heavily inspired by the likes of Lars Von Trier and Gregory Crewdson, Aimee Spinks is consistently able to create work to budget, brief and deadline.

As one of the only photographers in the UK to offer photographic storyboarding, Aimee works closely with directors and producers to create bespoke marketing materials to take to investors and audience alike to improve a production's chance of getting the funding they need as well as generating audience interest.

Alongside this, Aimee works as a unit stills and specials photographer for film and TV, as well as using her cinematic style of work to create advertising material for well known fashion labels and other designers brands throughout the UK.
September 2007 - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Headline Pictures

Photography Assistant

Working as an assistant to photographer, David Appleby, on Ralph Fiennes's movie, 'The Invisible Woman.'

My involvement took place across a selection of filming dates as well as the prep and shooting of the studio shoot for the film's international advertising campaign overseen by art director, Mia Matson from, The Creative Partnership.
June 2012 - July 2012 United Kingdom

Chata Pictures

Unit Stills Photography

I provided unit stills and specials photography on Paul Tanter's feature film, 'The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan,' during the action sequences shot at Wimbledon studios.

The images were used to create the DVD cover and posterwork for their international advertising campaign distributed by Momentum Pictures.
October 2011 - October 2011 London, United Kingdom

The Quiet One LTD

Unit Stills and Specials Photographer

I have recently worked with director Jon Pegg, on his debut feature film, 'The Quiet One,' for which I provided specials shot on location for use in their marketing package.
January 2012 - January 2012 Birmingham, United Kingdom

Doubletake Studios

Studio Photographer

Working as a part time photographer at one of the UK's most successful portrait studios. I am able create high quality fashion and portrait photography for a variety of clients within a very tight schedule whilst still making it a friendly and personal experience for the client.
August 2010 - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Ho Yiu Fay Productions

Creative Director

Over a three month period, I worked under the commission of Ho Yiu Fay Productions to create a series of images to promote their upcoming feature film, 'Vigilante.'

Going beyond a simple promo shoot, we developed a narrative that explored some of the themes of the feature film to create a photographic storyboard. This storyboard was developed and shot in such detail so as to allow us to create a short film, made entirely from the photos taken. Thus resulting in several hundred finished images that could be used as isolated photos for advertising, alonside a 7 minute short film to act as a tantalizing teaser to the full feature film due to go into production in 2012.
January 2011 - March 2011 Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sheringham Studios

Unit Stills Photographer

I worked as the unit stills photographer on Sheringham Studios' short film, 'Craftsman,' which is currently being exhibited to investors in LA in anticipation of the studio's upcoming slate of feature films.
August 2011 - August 2011 Birmingham, United Kingdom

Leslie Zero

Specials Photographer

I am currently working alongside director, Leslie Zero, on his feature film, 'Not For Twos;' an exploration into the mind of a dementia patient during the last moments of his life.

The director wanted to have a sequence in the film shot as photographs rather than cinematography, and so comissioned me to design and shoot the still frames that would be used within the film.

September 2011 - March 2012 London, United Kingdom

The Lacuna Works

Director of Photography

I am currently working as the director of photography on Graham Guy's romantic comedy feature film, 'Isabelle.'
August 2011 - March 2012 London, United Kingdom


Blackpool And The Fylde Arts College

BA (hons) Photography

Achieved a high 2:1

Exhibited my project, 'Waiting,' at two student run exhibitions in Manchester and London in July 2010
September 2007 - July 2010 Blackpool, Lancashire, UK


English (Native),
French (Conversational),



World Silver Medal in Soft Forms (Wushu Kung Fu)



National Title in Soft Forms (Wushu Kung Fu)


Blackpool Council

Quayle Award 3rd Place Trophy


Blackpool 6th Form College

Winner of Words of Art Poetry competition


Woodland Publishing

Photography published in, "Blackpool: the people's playground."



Action Photography, Cinematography, Concept Development, Creative Design, Creative Direction, Fashion Photography, Nikon D300 (Advanced), Photoshop CS4 (Moderate), Project Management, Studio Flash (Advanced),

Additional Information

With experience in being infront of the camera as a screenfighter with international medals, I understand the needs of performers and the dynamics of action which enable me to capture stunning shots within complex and fast paced scenes.