Work Experience



Ahmatron is run by Martin Ahm, a danish composer/sound designer who specializes in:

- Custom music for broadcast, TV and media production
- Songwriting, sound design and mix
- Music library with more than 70 tracks in all genres in the Music section
- Audio Branding - get a unique sound identity

All aspects concerning audio production are handled in-house. That is: composing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Ahmatron has worked with FANTA, MTV and TV2 (DK) + many more. As a musician he plays many instruments – but primarily bass and guitar.

In 2010 he released the album, Suspense (iTunes), which has been a popular choice in many media productions (TV2, TV3).

In addition to music, Martin has a Master in Marketing and he occasionally teaches at Aarhus Business College.

The name Ahmatron comes from Martin's middle name - Ahm.
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