Abdulla Yaseen

Art director | Graphic Design Instructor

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Place Of Birth : Saudi Arabia | Date Of Birth : apr 16, 1986 | Social Status : Married| Nationality : Jordanian

Work Experience

Nithar Agency

Junior art director

October 2017 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


junior art director

November 2016 - November 2017 Saudi Arabia

Haji Gift

junior art director

September 2013 - September 2016 Saudi Arabia

Medah Company

senior designer

May 2013 - August 2013 Saudi Arabia

Now Company For Taning And Education

senior designer

May 2013 - September 2013 Saudi Arabia

Fun Works

senior designer

September 2013 - Saudi Arabia

Pioneer Academy


Task was to train students to curriculum set by the software company Adobe competent design a typo and means to deal with them and advertising methods
August 2012 - November 2012 Amman, Jordan

University Of Petra


Training students to use the full range of graphic design programs for the design and design publications Almanmara simple editing and video editing
Amman, Jordan



Training students to use the full range of graphic design programs for the design and design publications Almanmara simple editing and video editing as a coach committed to the institute and not a free addition to the schedule of sessions and give a systematic plan for students
September 2011 - October 2012 Jordan

Geneva Academy


one year
Amman, Jordan

Technical EST For Printing Service


Designing logos and all publications and commercials and seals and striking cases and bags Alklashih system as well as customer service
September 2009 - May 2010 Amman, Jordan

Jubaiha Studio


Work as a designer of albums and volumes for these products company, designing and editing video introductions that are viewed as a kind of publicity for this company as well as working as a therapist images when you need it
September 2009 - April 2010 Amman, Jordan

Sandy Studio

Designer and photo editor

Work as a therapist for the old images and create simple designs as well as customer service
May 2006 - July 2007 Amman, Jordan

Al Qurem Studio

Designer and photo editor

Work as a therapist for the old images and create simple designs Albums addition to simple video editing operations
January 2007 - November 2008 Amman, Jordan

Alsalhi Group


Full identity design advertising for this group and the content of the competent departments trade cars, real estate, and all the necessary design of logos, business cards, newspaper ads, and ads for shops doors of them
Amman, Jordan

Dar Albedayah


Work as a designer who specializes designing book covers and brochures that are published by this company in addition to editing books before being sent to the Press by InDesign program
Amman, Jordan

Alrwas Graphic


Work as a designer is free to all kinds of publications, advertisements, newspapers and small booklets and work freely
Medina, Saudi Arabia



Working with this organization affiliated to deal with cultural pioneers Academy coach of graphic design courses have been through these courses adopt the curriculum and instructional books that you have authored earlier

Albarakaty Lawyer

Free lance designer

create different kind of design to be presented in social network
Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Private Zaytoonah University


2005 – 2009 Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in Al Zaytona University.
September 2005 - July 2009 Amman, Jordan

Manart Alarab

Training Course

Courses in architectural design using internationally approved programs for two AutoCAD program 3D Studio Max has the duration of this session three months
Amman, Jordan

Geneva Academy

Training Course

Course in the use of a special Adobe design typo
Amman, Jordan

Arab Broadcast Service

The period of practical training

Been training in this company to use the computer in video editing in addition to training on the use of linear editing devices
Amman, Jordan


Arabic (Native),
English (Advanced),


3D Max Level One (building And Map Showing) Flash, Adaptability To New Developments In Graphic Design And Publishing Software, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premier, An Expert In Adobe Photoshop, And Interpersonal Skills -Customer Management -Networking And Interpersonal Relations -Strong Negotiation Skills -Execution Skills -Problem Solving Skills -Administration Skills, AutoCad 2d And 3d, Cinema 4d Work Very Good In Liner Editing And Microsoft Office (windows, Complete Understanding Of Design To Print Process , CorelDraw, Desktop/Electronic Publishing & Graphics, Excel, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Including Templates Printed And Multimedia Albums Manufactured Using Printing Machines Albums ., Indesign, Motion Pro, Power Point ) The Ability To Design All Kinds Of Templates, Presentation, Word,

Tasks that I can do as a designer

Completes visual design and ongoing graphics maintenance
Assist in developing marketing concepts for project
Ensures the integrity of the brand and logo in all projects
Assist with updating the websites
Work with Marketing Manager on exhibition layouts and design of graphics boards.
Give advice to other staff on the use and protection of corporate identity, and its development, as appropriate.
Providing final designs in required format for printing and production of materials according to deadlines, liaising with Marketing Manager and printers to ensure that our print quality standards are met and dealing with any issues that may arise.
Maintenance of filing systems, image contracts and artwork archives to ensure good housekeeping in the Marketing and Design
infographics designer and infographics animator

Books and lessons

Authored three books in the field of graphic design and video montage that will teach students how to deal with many of the leading programs in this field from the beginning and even professionalism.Has been the adoption of these books as a platform in the training courses in Jordan is given by the Japanese Embassy.Baladgavh to prepare a series of educational booklets in the field of graphic design, typo and means of advertising. Create a complete channel on YouTube to teach the basics of dealing with video graphic design programs to be easy for students to deal with

Tasks that I can do as instructor

Establishment of a full training curriculum in print or computerized
Prepare an educational plan steps and specific dates for the training system
Training students to design programs with all modern requirements
Prepare the files that came with the session and distributed on a regular basis to students as needed for the session
The preparation of the practical and theoretical examinations and complete a plan for marking and appreciatio