Aaron Martin-Colby

Senior UX Consultant

Warwick, RI, USA
I’m a UX specialist with a focus on application design. These applications can be light applications, such as the simple ones used to manage a customer checkout, or powerful applications that will be used extensively by a small user base.

I have over a decade of experience in designing and developing back-end and customer service interfaces. During that time, I developed a keen sense of brand and how UX and brand do not merely synergize, but are becoming increasingly synonymous in an era where a customer’s only experience with a company may be online.

I split my time between design and development because to do this job well requires knowledge of both. As John Lasseter, one of the founders of Pixar, said, technology enables the art, art challenges the technology. Combined with my education in psychology, I consider myself powerfully equipped to solve the problems of modern company/technology/user interactions.

This split personality of sorts has also made me almost-uniquely capable of sitting between design and development teams. I can be “the wall,” quickly and capably driving projects to completion by understanding ways to eliminate synergistic problems between teams who, unsurprisingly, are populated by people with distinctly different personalities.

While the quantifiable goals of good UX are fundamentally problem solving, there is always an aesthetic element to it. This is the icing on the cake for me. I love learning new tools to enable art, whether it be a new Photoshop plugin or programming my own Blender extensions in Python. Taking the shell of good design and making it visually captivating and engaging is an absolute delight. It also allows me to try to sell my own, peculiar brand of visual design, which is best described as a combination of Tron and Hello Kitty.

My full-time hours are currently taken, but I am available for moonlighting and consulting hours.

Work Experience


Lead UX/UI Designer and Engineer

I'm doing a lot.
January 2018 - Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Senior UX Consultant

I consulted on UX projects for clients and for Xavient itself.
September 2015 - January 2018 Pennsylvania, United States


Lead UX/UI Developer

I was the lead front-end UX/UI developer for Comcast's customer service system, Einstein. I worked on multiple areas of the project, also designing interface elements and producing graphical assets. I was a key part of the transition to a responsive, Angular 2+ version of the application.
September 2015 - January 2018 Pennsylvania, United States


Lead UX/UI Designer & Developer

Developed the front end of Pennsylvania's COMPASS online social services website. Designed a new architecture and UI for a mobile version of the COMPASS project. Designed and produced internal documents for client presentations.
January 2015 - September 2015 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Galewind Software

Casino Product Manager

I'm the operations manager for an online casino. I am responsible for everything from casino design and layout to customer service.
January 2014 - January 2015 British Columbia, Canada

C-Squared Development

Head of Marketing and Design

What I did is pretty well contained in the title. I headed up marketing efforts which consisted primarily of trade shows and e-mail campaigns. I designed website, games, and back-end interfaces. I was also the head of branding and brand design. I was the primary UI/UX designer for the company.
October 2007 - January 2014 North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States


Rhode Island College

Bachelor of the Arts

I gots mee an ejumuhkayshun.
January 2004 - May 2009 Providence, Rhode Island, United States


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