YAT Communication

Branding, Graphic Design, Desktop publishing, Illustrations, Comic strips, Printings

Cairo, Egypt
YAT Communication Services:-

Communication Planning & Management
Communication strategy | Media planning | Media coverage | Monitoring & Evaluation

Creative Communication:
Creative concept | Branding | Graphic design | Desktop publishing | Illustrations/Comic strips

Media-Mix Communication:
Video production | Audio production | Animation | Photography

Digital Communication:
Web development | Mobile Apps | UI/UX designs | Online & Mobile advertising | Social media management | Analytics and reporting

Outreach Communication:
Events management | Printings | Outdoors | Exhibitions | Displays | Promotional items

Work Experience

UN Women Egypt

Design and production of Infographics and Toolkit for the Agribusiness Sector

The scope of work is to produce knowledge toolkits that target women labor, agribusiness firms’ management, and rural communities at large. The toolkit address sexual harassment, hygiene, women’s employability and career development.

A) Development and Production of Four Edutainment Booklet Series
(Conceptualization, Characters Creation, Illustration, Design & Layout, Printing)

B) Development and Production of Four Edutainment Animated Videos
(Conceptualization, Scenario, Voice Over, Storyboard, Animation, Editing Works, DVD Production)

C) Production of Toolkit of Advocacy Items
(Proposing Ideas, Design, Advocacy Items)

D) Design and Production of Posters and Flyers
(Conceptualization, Posters Printing Specifications, Flyers Printing Specifications)