Webgrrl Firdaus

Webgrrl : Intuitive Digital Artist

Melbourne, Australia
Intuitive, multi genre digital artist with a diverse portfolio and a passion for creating innovative visual artistry through graphic design and photography

I specialize in unique style designs for those wanting something different. I love designing invitations, brochures, business cards, flyers, CD covers and anything you desire. I also can design anything for your Web + Social media needs, for business and personal projects.

Share with me the essence of your ideas and I will give it my own unique ‘spin’ through my intuition and experience, until you are happy with what you see.

I am especially in tune with the areas of Music, Dance, Festivals, Spirituality, Environment, Nature, People and Technology and my style of art and expression reflects this.

Work Experience


Photographer, Graphic Design, Web Design, Public Relations

January 1996 - Melbourne, Australia


Solo Mother of 4

My first main full time 'career' was raising four of my children on my own :)
July 1985 - June 2008 Australia

About me

Living my Passions : My passion for creative arts, computers and the internet was realised whilst I raised my four kids at home as a single mum, self teaching myself through books, tutorials, volunteering, traineeship and employment opportunities, I am self taught and have nurtured my ideas and goals daily since 1995.

Graphic designer with a unique and alternative style with online shops at various well known online platforms, stocked with customizable gifts and merchandise. WordPress website design and web/internet services.


» Sydney GLBT Mardi Gras Street Parade Photographer
for Qld Pride & DiversityBay QLD/NSW : (1996-2000)
» Summer Dreaming : NSW (2001-2002)
» Outback Eclipse Festival : South Australia (2002)
» Earthcore events : Victoria (2001 - 2004)
» Soulclipse Eclipse Festival : Turkey (2006)
» LiquidTime Festival : Germany (2006)
» Akasha Festival : Victoria (2007)
» Tribeadelic : Victoria (2001 - 2009)
» Rainbow Serpent Festival : Victoria (2002 -2010)
» Voyage Music Festival : New Zealand (2010)
» Earth Freq Festival : Queensland (2011)


Full page Photography SGLBA Mardi Gras
(Australia) Queensland Pride 1996

SunGoddess T-Shirt design/RedBubble
(Australia) Sunday Life SMH/The Age May 2007

Australian Penthouse - Rainbow Serpent Festival feature
(Australia) May 2007

Mushroom Magazine Germany
(worldwide distribution) 2004 – 2010

World Trancers Guide International
(worldwide distribution) 2004 – 2010

Australian Traveller Magazine- Outback Australia feature
(Australia) May 2010

Spellcraft Magazine - front cover
(Australia) Summer 2010

Technomad : Globing Raving Counterpart
by Graham St. John, Book, published 2009

Goa - World of Psychedelic Trance (worldwide distribution)
two ed: German 2011 and English 2012