Tammy Booyzen

Freelance photographic editor / retoucher / writer and photographer

Johannesburg, South Africa
I studied a BA Fine Arts (2004-2007) at the University of the Witwatesrand, after which I moved to London for four years. It was during my stay in London that I was exposed to the versatile world of freelance photographic retouching, working for Next on their home catalogues for the duration of my time in London.

In 2012 I returned to Johannesburg, finding work as a freelance photographic editor working in conjunction with a photographer that photographs current exhibitions at top South African art galleries, including Stevenson, Everard Read and Circa.

After a year of working as a freelance photographic editor, I did a four month internship as an Operations Assistant at Johnathan Andrews Photography and Video, whilst doing a short photographic course with Johnathan Andrews Photography and Video School.

I have since returned to freelance photographic editing / retouching / writing and photography.

Work Experience


Freelance photographic editor / retoucher / writer / photographer

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June 2013 - Present Johannesburg, South Africa

Johnathan Andrews Photography And Video

Operations Assistant Intern

I recently did a four-month internship as an Operations Assistant to Johnathan Andrews. I also did a short photographic course through the Johnathan Andrews Photography and Video School.

Daily duties included:
• Assisting / Photographing in studio: Most recently photographing corporate clothing for Amrod
• Setting up studio, in particular studio lights
• Sorting and organizing products
• Dressing mannequins
• Photographing products
• Editing images

Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop
• Processing
• Image manipulation colour correction, warping and transforming, comping various elements, etc.
• Re-sizing

Design: Adobe InDesign
• CD covers and layouts / CD clichés
• Business card layouts

Administrative Tasks: Microsoft Office, Excel, Word
• Emailing and liaising telephonically with clients
• Updating diaries and calendar entries
• Updating excel spreadsheets of product lists and class schedules
• Creating invoices, quotations, and collection notes

Completed Certification Course Modules:
• IDP – Introduction to Digital Photography: Refresher course of fundamentals of digital photography
• Flash: Speedlight and Off-Camera
February 2013 - May 2013 Johannesburg, South Africa


Freelance Photographic Editor / Assistant

Position: Freelance Photographic Editor / Assistant– March 2012 – Present

As a freelance photographic editor in Johannesburg I work in conjunction with a photographer who photographs recent exhibitions as well as artwork for galleries such as Everard Read and Circa, Stevenson, and Goodman. On an ad hoc basis I also accompany her on shoots to various locations; assisting her with the intention of eventually taking over some of the shoots and photographing them independently.

Daily duties include:
• Selecting and processing of images including white balancing
• Necessary manipulation of images: colour correction, lens distortion correction,
straightening, cropping, deep etching, comping, cleaning up and removing unwanted
objects, contrast and lighting, basic cleaning up
• Liaising with galleries and clients should they require anything specific
• Re-sizing and compiling disks of completed jobs
• Delivering jobs to galleries
• Assisting on shoots as and when is necessary
March 2012 - February 2013 Johannesburg, South Africa


Freelance Photographic Retoucher

Team Leader Duties Included:
• Interviewing Prospective Candidates:
Holding interviews for prospective freelancers because the team changed on a regular
• Training: Due to the fact that the team was constantly evolving, with the exception of a few
members, there was always a need to train new freelancers in order to achieve the look and
feel that is specific to next. Thus, training new members of the team was one of my key
roles as team leader.
• Delegating Tasks:
I also learnt to prioritise which jobs needed to be finished off first, for example, designers
phoned/emailed on a daily basis requesting specific spreads that the team needed to work
on, as those spreads had to be completed and sent out on the same day. Time-
management was a key skill here, as some spreads needed more attention than others. It
was also important to allocate certain spreads from the catalogue to specific members of
the team as each member had their own strengths - this is vital to the end result in order to
get the images done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
• Communicating with Head Office:
Constant communication between head office and the studio was vital in order to maintain
an effective workflow. This meant emailing and phoning the designers / head office with
updates on completed spreads of images and / or any problems that had arisen.
• Taking command of the office when the Digital Manager was unavailable:
Management of the office, as well as the team, needed to be maintained while the manager
was not in the office. This became my task as team leader.

Team Duties Included:
Liaising with the Art Director from start to finish regarding the overall look of the images, as well as with the designers and head office in relation to missing images/changes to images. Uploading of images on FTP via Fetch and Sting Ray for designers and head office. Working in conjunction with the Digital manager and other members of the digital team.

Retouching Duties Included:
Retrieving photographs from photographers, filing, re-naming of images, and processing images in Capture One.
Retouching images in Photoshop: Basic cleaning and overall improvement of images, ranging from room sets to cut-outs, as well as colour, saturation, and contrast changes.
More complex retouching included dropping in extra props, dropping background scenes into studio room sets, as well as altering props in images, such as re-colouring and comping.
June 2008 - February 2012 London, United Kingdom


University Of The Witwatesrand

Bachelor of Fine Arts

February 2004 - December 2007 Johannesburg, South Africa


Microsoft Office, PC, Retouching, Adobe Photoshop, Image Manipulation, Mac, Photography,