Stevenski Brewster

Fine Art Painter, Contracts, Commissions

Augusta, GA, USA
Since 1985’, California born, painted my way through 3 of the largest cities in America, to end up in the beautiful South, Augusta, Georgia.

This site you are on now is my painting library. Which has not been updated since 2013. I took a very long time away from social media. To see all of my latest works, go to the subscribe star link below.

Join me here: - This system will be home to 4 decades of painting archives, with an exclusive look inside the operations of my studios. Presenting to followers, friends and collectors, perks of oil painted originals.

This sponsor page link above is new. I encourage all of my friends and collectors of my work to join me there. This is where I will be focusing most of my attention going forward. As you will see, in the subscription tiers, I will be sharing not just social media, but original Artworks into your home, and onto your walls. This is where we separate the believers from the non. A platform where you can acquire original paintings, from an Artist you admire, over time. Those who consider original Artworks a commodity, as I do, would love the opportunity to have a slice of History adorned in their home.

Over the many years, one thing I have become clearly familiar with is shipping Art, Worldwide. Today, I have over 4 dozen completed large works, and another dozen in progress, for the "Large painting store", which I am in the process of editing, for post to the site. I will also be sending out a special gift to the first 100 subscribers to join ($1 and up Tiers). Your sponsorship makes it all possible, sharing my gift of creating paintings is why I was put here. Thank you.

Reach out with any questions:
17 September 2021

Work Experience


Illustrator, Sketch noting

I produced Illustration & Sketch noting for Pearson's educational seminars. I completed over 30 different scripts for the company. In collaboration with Joshua Paul Johnson, JPJ studios.
January 2013 - April 2014 New York, United States


Artwork Retouching, Fabrication & Construction, Gallery Compartmentalization, Gallery Exhibitions, Illustration & Design, IMovie, Independent Operations, Interior Design, Iphoto, Mac, Management Positions, Manufacturing, Murals, Picture Framing, Restoration, Shop Design, Stretcher Bars, Stretching, Woodworking,