Stephanie Spanjian

Senior Software Engineer

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Proactive professional combining expertise in diverse array of software and data integration tools with data analysis and project management skills that capture outstanding functional results. Delivering a record of adaptability to achieve mastery of new languages and platforms whenever required and meld approaches to achieve innovation.

Offering a blend of commercial and open source software experience honed in front-line engagements with start-ups and mature firms. Architecting and developing business applications and tools to ease complex jobs with proven impact in team and solo roles. 15+ years’ engagement with business applications, data integration and software suites and trends.

Specialties & Expertise:

Full Stack Development of Enterprise Business Applications from ideation to discovery to prototyping POC’s and MVP’s, to Production.

System design of the information architecture, the API architecture, and the data architecture. Making decisions on complete technology stack for the customized solution and implementation of Mobile and Web-based B2C and B2B solutions.

ES6 JavaScript, React, JSX, HTML5, CSS3/CSS4, Bootstrap, Node.js, npm, Express, Mongoose, RESTful APIs, Web Services, JSON, XML, SOAP, MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, Data Architecture & Model, Data Integration, AWS (Amazon Web Services), EC2, Linux,

DevOps, System design: information architecture, the API architecture, and data architecture.

GIT, Agile Development, Scrum Sprints

C# | Xamarin | Android & iOS Mobile Development | XAML | CRM | Enterprise Web Services | Data Architecture | Data Integration | Data Warehousing | MDM

InDesign | Video Editor | SolidWorks | PhotoShop | Adobe Creative Cloud | 3D CAD | 3D Modeling

Work Experience

TechStyle Fashion Group

Senior Software Engineer

In a cross-functional role, collaborated with multiple engineering teams to architect, develop and deploy new applications, new features, and enhancements to the company's e-commerce web applications.

Bento Migration Project: Complete rebuild of all business units’ front ends into responsive single page applications with React, Redux, Server-side rendering with Next.js, styled-components and prioritizing UX and ADA compliance.
• Deployed Fabletics releases weekly to staging and production for the SPA
• Responsible for the Cart on hover/tap and the SearchBar results combobox in top navigation bar in entirety for 2019 holidays launch.
• Responsible for skip the month functionality using redux in React Packages, a mono repo of ~27 node module packages.
• Enhanced TypeScript and nest.js RESTful API layer.

Variant Price Testing Project: a/b test on price. Generated $250k more in 1st 3 days.
• As part of a two engineer team, architected and developed 2 clean and performant TypeScript API microservices that were deployed into mesosphere DC/OS.
• Enhanced TypeScript and nest.js RESTful API layer.

Fabletics Vue/Vuex Checkout Project: rebuilt from scratch in Vue and Vuex and consumed API responses; replaced legacy monolith ColdFusion checkout that hit the database directly. Generated $26k more in 48 hours for VIPs.
• Tech planning spike. Wrote up basic architecture and technology in Confluence for the team to implement.
• Built a workflow to create SDK from swagger docs on API. Worked with devops and API team to create the Jenkins workflow to build a SDK from a qa instance branch of the API with one Jenkins job.
• Vuex module for error handling all API requests and retries
• Created an interactive SDK testing tool
• Integration tests on SDK's and trained other engineers on how it worked, how to run the Jenkins job, how to test SDKs and how to debug and troubleshoot errors.
• Aided in strengthening performance and lessening api calls.
March 2019 - June 2020 El Segundo, California, United States


Lead Software Engineer (Contract)

See below
June 2018 - March 2019 California, United States



Single-handedly, architected, developed and deployed 2 full 3-tier heavily interactive and responsive web applications in React, Node.js and MongoDB on AWS with engaging user experience, UX. Worked one on one with Creative Director Founder from ideation to deployment of marketing and product web applications with full development and production environments. Scrum Sprints and Daily Stand-ups

Discovery Phase:
Wrote extensive system design, information architecture, data architecture and API architecture documentation.
Gathered requirements, creative comps, and assets from the founder.
Researched the project in depth and assessed risk to make all decisions on technology stack for the MVP.
Wrote detailed Statement of Work with scope of work, terminology, and timeline to launch of product.
DevOps Responsibilities – all AWS activities:
Deployed EC2 instances with security groups. Installed of all software. Configured the 2 MongoDB mongod processes and the 2 Node.js API servers with Okta authorization APIs. Configured and administered Okta. Configured httpd, iptables, crontab, pm2, etc.
Set up of hosted zones in Route 53.
Front End Responsibilities – all React Responsibilities:
Architected, developed and deployed 2 fluid, responsive, enterprise-level front end web applications in React with HTML5, CSS3/CSS4, Bootstrap, ES6 JavaScript and JSX on Amazon Web Services EC2 Linux instance to web standards and best practices. Administered Okta account and implemented authorization with Okta context.
Data, animation, chart, etc.: lodash, ReactMotion, TweenItemAnimation, ReactCSSTransitionGroup, BizCharts
Setup and administered Github repository.
Back End Responsibilities – all Node.js API & MongoDB server Responsibilities:
Architected, developed and deployed per action plan from Discovery Phase. Node.js, npm, Express, Mongoose.
April 2018 - June 2018 California, United States


Lead Software Engineer (Contract)

As sole engineer, architected, developed and deployed entire 3-tier data driven, crossplatform
compatible responsive web application with real estate data aggregation
from 3rd party endpoints, real estate comparable sales analysis, acquisition and sales,
custom CRM and content management admin tools with role-based security in React,
JSX, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, ES6 JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Mongoose, and
MongoDB to two AWS EC2 Linux with NGINX instances with full development and
production environments to web standards and best practices. Worked one on one
with Founder from ideation to production.
Responsible for completion of system design:
Analyzed business objectives for the minimum viable product.
Gathered requirements, documents, comps, and assets from the founder.
Researched the project in depth and assessed risk to make all decisions on
technology stack.
Defined the information architecture, the API architecture, and data architecture.
Features Summary:
Data integration tools for real estate data aggregation from 3rd party endpoints
and csv file import for legacy data pulls.
Real estate comparable sales analysis solution, which tracks various data points
in real estate market.
Lead analysis and offer generation tool.
Financial data model to map real estate acquisition deals.
Content management admin section for inventory, sales funnel and analysis
Custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM), tool.
Set up and administered Github repository.
Provided continued enhancement of existing systems and identified areas for
modification and improvement.
June 2017 - April 2018 California, United States


Systems Analyst

As sole Systems Analyst under the CTO at United Talent Agency, after the recent acquisitions of The Agency Group and Beinstock, was directly responsible for assessing current legacy business applications, streamlining processes, and providing solutions to pain points across departments and business units. As part of larger team, discussed road map towards a more unified ecosystem of business applications and better master data management, MDM.

• Solely architected, developed and deployed a customized mobile business application prototype in C# and XAML with Xamarin to UTA’s Apple Development environment. As a tool for the agents and clients, the mobile application requested JSON data from UTA’s SharePoint API, multiple custom REST API’s deployed by a consultant firm onto UTA's MicroSoft Azure tenancy and multiple endpoints from big data aggregation vendors such as Gracenote and Nielsen.

• As part of larger team, scoped out a big data solution dashboard by analyzing business objectives and by providing my expertise on CRM product, product lifecycle and data management models. Worked with the CTO and department heads to vet CRM solutions and consultant firms to create roadmap to minimum viable product. Provided detailed reports with cost and risk to assess SalesForce, Oracle OnDemand, MicroSoft Dynamics, and Sage CRM.

• Identified areas for modification and improvement of business applications and determined which custom applications built by consultant firms were inadequate in meeting business requirements. Provided solutions to secure their data before further enhancements and performed security assessment on consultant provided applications. Worked with CTO to steer business towards cloud products and more dependable consultant firms to streamline sales and data management.
Beverly Hills, California, United States

LA HOT Magazine, LLC

Founder, Editor, Web Developer, Business Development, Marketing, PR, Social Media Manager, Producer, Video Editor

LA HOT Magazine, LLC has three public divisions:

Magazine (Online and Print Art Photography)

LA HOT Magazine, LLC’s motto is to break the world wide stereotypes that label LA as plastic, superficial and devoid of substance. We aim to prove and showcase through photography and video that it’s the substance here that makes LA HOT. Whether our findings are those behind the camera or in front of it, we will showcase them here on our website and in our magazine (Online and Print Art Photography).
At LA HOT Magazine, LLC, we also believe you do not have to be in LA to be LA HOT. We travel the world on our quest to find the people, products, and places that embody our definition of what it is to be LA HOT.
July 2011 - California, United States


Senior Business Application Developer - Member of Software Engineering Sales & Marketing WW IS

As member of global DSx Sales team based out of Paris headquarters, analyze requirements, understand objectives, define use cases, and design solutions to meet needs of cross-functional units and stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Use French extensively in meetings with executives at HQ.

 Honored with “Dassault Systèmes Business Forward Award” and Oracle's version for use of web services in Oracle CRM.

 Developed Site Team Manager solution, enhancing coordination and efficiency across multiple sites with a new multithreaded Windows application used to administer site teams through Oracle CRM web services.

Develop, test, and implement complex solutions expanding Oracle on Demand CRM administration with enhanced workflows, AJAX widgets, role management, and reporting tailored to the needs of an advanced cloud-based system. Design external Windows, console, and web applications in PHP, C# and ASP.NET with Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver to utilize Oracle on Demand web services to ETL data.

 Spearheaded use of external systems to consume web services to manipulate the data in the Oracle on Demand system, efficiently meeting business needs and remaining architect of the data systems.

 Managed all enhancements of external applications, ETLs, and cloud-level administration for annual business rules restructuring while ensuring functionality when implemented in enterprise systems.

As sole data architect for the portfolio of external applications and all testing and enhancement, currently upgrading software for compatibility with WebSphere Cast Iron cloud integration platform. Manage ongoing integration between legacy sales portal websites in ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver.

 Catalyzed the company’s first-ever strategic snapshot of KPIs and sales performance through a new data warehouse interface, allowing executives to view sales trends in CRM and streamline processes.
October 2007 - January 2013 Los Angeles, California, United States


University Of California - Berkeley

Physics and Astronomy Degrees

August 1992 - December 1999 Berkeley, California, United States


French (Conversational),


Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systèmes Business Forward Award